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Prym Snap Fastener Tool

Using a snap fastener tool

Written by Kerrie Padmore from Living In Loveliness. Kerrie runs sewing classes and sewing retreats from beginners to the more advanced sewers plus Crafternoon tea parties. She has recently launched her own range of sewing kits and patterns. 

Prym snap fasteners are a great alternative to buttons – they are fast, super easy to install and very cost effective. For each snap you will need two covers – one male snap (the one with the sticky out bit) and one female snap (the one with the hollow centre). Below is a simple step by step tutorial for installing snap fasteners. 

You will need:

Prym Vario pliers – We used the new hot pink Prym Love Pliers

Coloured snaps that co-ordinate with your project

You can buy the Vario pliers and snaps online at JaycottsCotton Patch, Sew Essential, Crafty Sew & So

The fabrics featured are from Bari J’s Bloomsbury collection for Art Gallery Fabrics provided by their UK distributors Hantex 

How to insert snaps into your sewing project

KAM snap tool

Step 1

Using an air/heat erasable pen, mark where the snaps need to be inserted on the outside of the fabric.

Install a snap fastener

Step 2

Using a stitch unpicker, awl or darning needle, push through to make the hole – this makes it easier to insert the snap.

Plastic snap tool

Step 3

Align the first hole with where you want the snap to fasten and push the darning needle through the next piece/set of fabrics.


Prym LOVE sewing tools
Prym vario snap pliers

Step 4

On the top flap of the purse, use one of the snap covers and push the spike through the hole.

Applying plastic snaps to a beg project

Step 5

Open the purse flap and place the male snap on top of the spike – the sticky out part needs to be facing towards you (outwards).


Using Prym pliers

Step 6 – Preparing the pliers

Insert the white cup and clear plastic pieces onto the pliers – these will only go on one way (see the picture). Ensure they are on tight.

Using plastic snaps in sewing

Step 7 – Securing the snaps

Position the snap cover in the white cup side of the tool. Squeeze the tool firmly so that the snap is squashed and secured into place.

Sewing with plastic snaps

Step 8 – Securing the female snap

Insert the snap cover through the hole from the inside of the purse. The spike end will be sticking out through the top of the purse.

Step 9

Place the female snap on top on the spike, with the hollow side facing upwards.

Applying snaps for sewing
Sewing tool tutorials

Step 10

Position the snap cover in the white cup side of the tool. Squeeze the tool firmly so that the snap is squashed and secured into place.

Your snap fasteners are now ready to use.

Using KAM snaps in sewing

Now you can use snap fasteners why not pop over to our projects section and pick a project with them in. Like this folded pocket wallet, or cutting mat travel bag. 

PRYM Tripod Tool

Prym have now released a clever tripod tool which allows you to insert press fasteners, rivets and eyelets away from the edge of your project.

So where the pilers shown above are great for attaching them near the edge of your fabric using the tripod you can put them anywhere. Find out more about how it works here. 

It’s available to buy from Jaycotts.