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Folded Pocket Wallet Project

Folded pocket wallet project

This folded pocket wallet project project has been designed by Laura Strutt, a designer maker and the author of a number of craft books. For more details on Laura’s books visit Amazon Author Central

This project is kindly sponsored by The Cotton Patch – a specialist patchwork and quilting shop with a large range of pre-cut fabrics. 

This mini make is quick and easy – whether you use it to store your cards and coins, or to stash your on-the-go sewing supplies, this handy wallet is a super versatile project with a colourful patchwork lining making it fun to use! It uses 5″ squares from a Charm Pack for a co-ordinated make.


You will need…

Project using charm squares

Sun Prints by Alison Glass – Charm Pack. Order Charm Packs from The Cotton Patch

Selection of solid cotton for outer fabric – chambray 50cm x 50cm

Vlieseline F220 Interfacing  50cm x 50cm –

KAM Snap fasteners x 2  & applicator (sew-on snaps can also be used.)

Pins & quilt clips

Rotary cutter, ruler & cutting mat


Sewing machine

Iron & ironing board

Note: 1cm seam allowance used throughout unless otherwise stated


TIP: Pressing the wallet as you work will not only make it come together easily but it will also make it much neater when finished!


TIP: The lining is pieced together with colourful charm squares – you can always have the outside pieced by simply selecting 14 charm squares and working the outer fabric in the same way as the lining.


To Sew

Easy wallet to sew

1. Join the fabrics to make the lining

Create the first row on the inside of the wallet by selecting seven charm squares. Arrange these into two rows of three and set one aside; this will be the wallet flap. Sew the two rows of three charm squares taking a 1cm seam allowance. Press the seams open.

Sew with precut fabrics

2. Create the lining

Place the two rows together right sides facing and align the seams. Join together with a 1cm seam allowance to create a the centre of the lining panel. Press seams neatly open. 


Sew a wallet using charm squares

3. Attach flap

Trim the remaining charm square for the wallet flap to measure 8cm x 11cm and with right sides facing, pin in place onto the centre charm on the upper row of the lining panel. Stitch in place with a 1cm seam allowance. Press flap neatly upwards. 


Easy sewing tutorials

4. Cut the outer fabric

With scissors or rotary cutter, ruler and mat, use the completed lining piece to cut one from the outer fabric and one from the interfacing. Following the manufacturers instructions, fuse the interfacing onto the wrong side of the outer fabric.

Assembling a fabric wallet

5. Join the front and back of the wallet

With right sides facing pin the lining and outer fabrics together and join with a 1cm seam allowance, leaving a small hole to turn through.  Neatly clip the corners before turning through to the right side and pressing neatly. Ensure that the upper flap is evenly pulled out and create a 1cm tuck along the base of the flap on the lining and outer fabrics, press neatly in place.

Show me topstitching

6. Add topstitching

With the gap in the seam allowance pressed inwards work around the outer edge of the fabric with a neat topstitch, 5mm from the edge – the topstitching will secure the gap in the seam allowance. Do not work around the upper edge of the wallet flap.

Folding a pocket wallet

 7. Create the accordion folds

With the lining uppermost, and working each side in turn, fold the outer edge in towards the centre and press. Fold back the remaining fabric and press, creating a 2.5cm fold. Refold the piece again to bring the outer edge to the centre and create another 2.5cm fold. This will create the accordion fold and bring the outer edge to the centre. Repeat with second side.

Pin or clip in place as needed.

Sew a credit card holder

8. Join the ends at the centre

Using a machine zig-zag stitch or hand sewing, join the ends of the outer edges where they meet in the middle and press.

How to sew with charm squares

9. Secure the concertina sections

Carefully fold the wallet in half aligning the open sections at the top and press to neaten. Working each side in turn pinch the centre folds of the wallet along the side and carefully draw outwards, work a line of top stitching 5mm from the edge to secure the sides and create the accordion pockets. Repeat on the second side to finish securing the accordion pockets.


Sew with snap fasteners

10. Add the snap fasteners

Carefully position the snap fasteners on to each side of the top flap of the wallet and secure firmly before adding the corresponding parts to the body of the wallet to finish.


Free wallet sewing tutorial


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