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Where to buy EPP Supplies

 EPP supplies


English Paper piecing seems to be taking Instagram by storm. Everyone is loving this handy ‘do on the go’ patchwork.  You only need minimal supplies, can easily carry it with you and it’s great for scrap busting too. What’s not to love?  If you haven’t tried it yet check out our tutorial here.

Firstly, you may be wondering what supplies you actually need?  You need fabric, but often small pieces will suffice so you can use offcuts and scraps or mini charm packs work great too. Small embroidery scissors come in handy, and some cheap thread for your tacking stitches (any colour, it will be on the back and not visible) if you baste with thread rather than glue. If you are a glue baster then you’ll find glue sticks such as the Sewline one come in handy.

One thing all English Paper piecers need is the paper templates. These are what you fold and stitch your fabric around to get the shape.  The list below will let you know several places you can buy these. If you own a die cutting machine such as a Sizzix you can buy dies to cut both the papers and fabrics, We mention which shops stock these too as well as where you can buy the glue pens.  If you don’t own a die cutter you can buy acrylic/plastic templates to cut around to get your fabric shapes.

Once you’ve got all your supplies together why not make our EPP travel case to carry them in?


Patchwork Dreamer

EPP supplies online

Patchwork Dreamer stock the Paper Pieces brand of English Paper Piecing templates in a range of shapes and sizes. They have hexagons in pretty much every size you could want from ¼ inch up to 2 inches and many sizes in between. They also have apple cores, diamonds, honeycomb and clamshell templates.

They also stock the Sew Line glue pen and refills for those of you who glue baste. View their products online here.


Sew and Quilt

Sew and Quilt templates

Sew & Quilt specialise in English Paper Piecing and have several own brand products including a huge range of paper templates, and their own acrylic templates for popular shapes too.  You can find almost any size or shape of template you are looking for, and they are all made in England. 

They also sell a selection of patterns, kits and books focused on EPP too as well as thread and glue pens.  

Visit the website to view their selection.


Cotton Patch

Hexie Sizzix dies

The Cotton Patch have one of the biggest Sizzix die collections we’ve seen, ideal for cutting both your fabric shapes and your paper templates.  They sell the die cutting machine and accessories too.

They stock the Dritz Quilting templates which are made from card stock. Plus they sell plastic templates and template plastic so you can cut your own templates.

They also have a block of the month EPP club and they stock Aurifil 80wt thread which we hear is good for EPP. 


Creative Quilting

Mini charms squares for EPP

In the English Paper Piecing section of the Creative Quilting website you will find EPP kits, mini rotary cutters and mini cutting boards plus some mini charm packs (2.5 inch squares). 

They also stock a range of paper pieces and acrylic templates for several different shapes and sizes, as well as English Paper Piecing books.

Find out more here.


Pelenna Patchwork

Paper piecing templates

Pelenna Patchwork take the preparatory work out of English Paper Piecing for you. They sell pre-cut fabric packs already cut to shape with several fabrics of the same colour but different prints.  Shapes include diamonds, hexagons, triangles, octagons, and squares, each available in three different sizes and eight different colours.

They also sell the papers and acrylic templates too. Visit the website to view the options.


Sew Hot

EPP quilt kit

On the Sew Hot site you will find a few brands of acrylic templates as well as fabric glue pens and a big selection of paper templates, iron on templates, patterns and books. They also sell block packs of papers, all the papers you need to make particular blocks which feature a variety of EPP shapes.  Plus they sell the Sue Daley EPP quilt patterns and quilt packs.

Find them all here.


Lina Patchwork

Lina Patchwork EPP kit

Lina Patchwork is an online store that specialises in supplying pre-cut paper pieces, all die cut by them in the UK.  They offer a huge selection of shapes and sizes for the paper templates, you can also purchase acrylic templates from them too.  There are also books and kits and patterns available on their site as well including lots of patterns they’ve designed themselves.

Check out the full selection online. 


House of Alistair

House of Alistair EPP templates

House of Alistair are launching their own card templates for EPP in popular shapes where you get at least two shapes in each pack - as in this one where you get hexies, diamonds and triangles! Look out for these new templates and shop at House of Alistair's website.


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