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Kids Shorts Project

Quick and easy toddler shorts project

This kids shorts project is written by sewing author Laura Strutt who blogs at Made PeachyLaura is a designer maker and the author of a number of craft book. For more details on books visit Amazon Author Central.

These cute jersey shorts are quick and easy to make and super comfy for toddlers to wear.

Sewing with jersey fabric


Jersey in two complementary prints

40cm of 2cm wide elastic



Sewing Machine

Iron & Ironing board

Pattern pieces 1 2 34

(There are two pattern pieces – one for the front of the shorts and one for the back – print out pieces 1-4 above and these will print over four A4 sheets. You will need to tape them together where indicated).

 Work with a 1cm seam allowance throughout unless otherwise stated. 

This project is worked with a stretch stitch and a ball point needle. Using a stretch stitch and ball point needle makes sewing with stretch fabrics much easier – the needle won’t snag the fibres and the stitches won’t break as the fabric moves. 

TIP: When working with printed fabrics try to position the pieces to best match the patterns across the pieces and along seam lines where possible.

TIP: If you do not often sew jersey read our beginner’s guide to sewing jersey. 


1 Cut the pieces

How to sew shorts

Using the pattern pieces cut two front and two back pieces from one of the print jerseys. From the second print cut two 4cm x 38cm strips for the cuff and one 8cm x 70cm strip for the waistband.


2 Join the centre front seams

Toddler shorts pattern in jersey

Working on the front and back pieces in turn, place the pieces together with right sides facing and pin along centre front seam. Join with a stretch stitch taking a 1cm seam allowance. Repeat to join the centre back seam in the same way and press neatly open. 


3 Join the crotch seam

How to make jersey shorts

Place the joined shorts front and back pieces together with the right sides facing, aligning the inside leg and crotch sections and pin in place. Join with a stretch stitch working one continuous seam taking a 1cm seam allowance and press open.

4 Secure the cuffs

Add cuffs to jersey

 Open out the shorts with the right sides uppermost and pin one lower leg section at a time. Fold the cut strip in half lengthways with the right sides uppermost. Position along the lower leg with the raw edges aligned and pin in place. With a stretch stitch and taking a 6mm seam allowance secure the cuff in place. Repeat to secure the cuff to the second leg.


5 Join the side seams

Free children's clothing sewing projects

Place the shorts with right sides facing and align the two side seams – trim away any excess cuff as needed – and pin in place. With a stretch stitch and a 1cm seam allowance join each side in turn.


6 Secure the waistband

Sewing the waistband of a pair of shorts

With right sides facing and aligning the raw edges, pin the waistband strip around the upper edge of the shorts and pin in place. Trim and overlap the edge neatly. With a stretch stitch and a 6mm seam allowance join the waistband into place.

7 Complete the waistband

Elasticated waistband toddler shorts tutorial

Fold the waistband over to inside of the shorts and align with the raw edges of the secured edge of the waistband and pin in place. With a straight stitch work a line of top stitching around the lower part of the waistband to secure, leaving 3cm unstitched – this will create a channel through which to thread the elastic. Feed the elastic through the casing, overlapping the ends and stitching to secure. Stitch closed the opening in the waistband.

kids shorts project

 You can follow Laura on social media:

Twitter: @madepeachy

Instagram: @madepeachy

Facebook: madepeachy

Pinterest: @madepeachy