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Accordion Purse Project

Accordion purse project

This accordion purse project is an extract from Debbie Shore’s Half Yard Spring Collection. This book contains 40 spring themed projects with Debbie’s trademark easy-to-follow instructions.  

Accordion purse

A crafty girl needs a pouch for pens, a notepad to write down ideas, somewhere to keep receipts, postage stamps and, of course, loose change for a well-deserved cup of tea. This accordion purse fits the bill perfectly!

Debbie Shore purse tutorial

Materials & Cutting Instructions


Finished size

8½ x 4½in (21.5 x 11.5cm)


What you need

8½ x 13in (21.5 x 33cm) outer fabric

8½ x 13in (21.5 x 33cm) fusible fleece

36 x 18in (91.5 x 46cm) lining fabric

46in (117cm) of ¾in (2cm) wide bias binding

9in (23cm) zip

Magnetic clasp

Repositionable spray adhesive

12in (30.5cm) circle template



One piece of outer fabric measuring 8½ x 13in

(21.5 x 33cm): as the fabric folds over, make sure if there is a direction to the print it still works on the flap

One piece of lining fabric measuring 8½ x 13in (21.5 x 33cm)

One piece of fusible fleece measuring 8½ x 13in

(21.5 x 33cm)

For the zip pocket, two pieces of lining fabric measuring

8½ x 8in (21.5 x 20.5cm)

For the divider panels, two pieces of lining measuring 8½ x 9in (21.5 x 23cm)

For the accordion panels, two pieces of lining measuring

10 x 9in (25.5 x 23cm)

For the zip tabs, four pieces of lining fabric measuring

1 x 2in (2.5 x 5cm)

Accordion Purse Assembly Instructions

Fuse the fleece to the wrong side of the outer fabric. Draw an arc using your circle template around the end of the fabric that will form the flap, then cut. 

You can use a plate, or attach string to a pencil to make the template. Place the end of the string in the corner of a piece of paper and hold the pen upright to draw a circle. Use this piece of fabric as a template to cut the lining to the same shape.

Apply the slimmer section of the magnetic clasp centrally 1in (2.5cm) from the curved side of the lining, and the remaining section 1in (2.5cm) centrally from the straight bottom side of the outer fabric.

How to sew a zip

Trim the ends off the zip, making the zip 7in (18cm) long. Sandwich each end of the zip between two zip tab pieces that are right sides facing, aligning the raw ends with the ends of the zip. Sew across the ends of the zip with a ¼in (5mm) seam allowance, then finger press the fabric pieces back at each end. Top-stitch if you would like.

Sewing a zippered purse

Place the zip right sides facing with one of the zip pocket pieces, aligning the edges, and sew.

Free purse sewing pattern

Sew the second pocket piece over the top, sandwiching the zip in the centre – both lining pieces are attached to the same side of the zip. Trim the ends of the tabs away.

Accordion wallet tutorial

Fold the edges of the fabric over to either side of the second side of the zip and sew – you’ll create two tubes joined together by the zip. Again, trim off the excess tab fabric. Push one tube inside the other so that the zip pull is on the outside and press.

To make the divider panels, fold each piece of fabric in half (8½ x 4½/21.5 x 11.5cm), right sides together, and sew across the open edge to make a tube.

Turn both tubes right side out and press. Top-stitch along the fold.

How to sew a purse

Make up the accordion panel sections in the same way, folding the fabric to make two strips 4½ x 10in (11.5 x 25.5cm).

Half yard purse project

Fold each accordion panel in half widthways to crease the centre. Wrap this around the end of the zipped pocket, and sew ¼in (5mm) from the fold, trapping the zip panel in the seam.

Sewing projects for women

Measure and mark a line 1¼in (3.25cm) from the fold. Fold the panel back on itself and top-stitch. Measure and mark another line 1¼in (3.25cm) from this fold.

Accordion purse project for beginners

Place one of the dividers on the marked line, wrap the accordion panel around the edge and top-stitch ¼in (5mm) from the fold. Mark 1¼in (3.25cm) from this fold, make another fold in the opposite direction and top-stitch, as shown on the left.

Free sewing projects

Repeat with the opposite side of the accordion panel. Starting with the zipped panel, repeat the folding and stitching with the remaining end of the accordion section. Then repeat for the other side of the purse.

Sewing for beginners

Take the outer fabric and lining, place wrong sides together and adhere with repositionable spray adhesive. Measure and mark a line 4in (10cm) from the bottom and sew. Place the accordion section over the sewn line on the lining side, then sew the raw accordion edges to the sides of the purse, with a narrow seam allowance, creating your four equally sized accordion pockets.

Free purse sewing tutorial

Apply bias binding all around the edge of the purse, mitring the corners as you sew.


Sew a strip of ribbon inside the purse with a ring on the end to keep your door or locker key to hand!

Why not try Debbie’s faux leather handbag project next? 

Find out more about Half Yard Spring by Debbie Shore, or order your copy from the Search Press website.