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Maxi Skirt with Pockets Project

Maxi skirt with pockets project

This maxi skirt with pockets project was written by sewing tutor Lynne Sharpe from The Make It Room. The fabrics were kindly provided by Art Gallery Fabrics


2-3 metres of fabric 150 cm wide

Pocket pattern (click to view, right click to download then print it onto A4 paper with the scale set to 100%)

Elastic 2 cm wide

Sewing machine/overlocker

Pins and needles/ safety pin      

Co-ordinating thread



1 cm seams throughout unless otherwise stated

The fabric we have used for this project is very soft and drapes well so gives a lovely effect, it is Art Gallery Fabrics 100% Rayon in Lush Rainforest and is 150 cm wide. See a close up of this beautiful print below. 

Pocked maxi skirt pattern free

Maxi skirt with pockets instructions

How to sew a maxi skirt

To begin measure from your waist to the floor, add 6 cm to this measurement (this will allow for the elastic casing and the hem).  Cut two pieces of fabric this length using the width of the fabric.  Cut 2 pairs of pocket pieces, pattern in the materials list above, (i.e. 4 pieces in all) using the pattern, iron all pieces.  Trim the selvedge edges from all four sides of the material.

Overlock/zig zag the outer pocket curves (above right image).  Use a tape measure and place a pin 10 cm/4 in down each side seam – if you are tall you may want to increase this measurement to 12-15 cm (above left image).

How to sew a skirt with pockets

With the main skirt pieces right side up, take a pocket section and place right side down at the side seam 10 cm below the top edge (above left image). As mentioned above the measurement will depend on how tall you are 10-15 cm.

This means that the right sides of your fabric with be together. Pin and machine down the side seam with a small 0.5 cm seam/⅟4 inch seam (above centre).  Keeping the pocket pieces in the same position, overlock/neaten the whole side edge on each side (above right).  Repeat on the other three sides.

DIY maxi skirt with pockets tutorial

With the right side of the fabric facing up, press the pocket away from the seam on all four sides (above left).

Place the skirt pieces right sides together and pin from the top of the skirt down to the pocket stopping 1 cm/⅜ inch past the pocket edge, pin around the two pocket pieces, then back down the seam. (above right, below left).

Maxi skirt with seam pockets

Sew the seam once pinned; this is marked above with a fabric pen (above left).  Repeat with the other seam and pocket.  Make sure there are no holes in your pocket.

Turn the skirt to the right side and press the seam, the opening for the pocket will be slightly recessed – a different fabric has been used for the pocket so it is easy to see (above right).

Rayon Maxi Skirt tutorial

Turn the skirt inside out again and press the waist edge of the skirt over to the inside by 4 cm and pin (above left), this will provide the casing for the elastic.  We have overlocked the edge but if you do not have an overlocker, press the raw edge under 0.5 cm//⅟4 inch and then 3.5 cm/1½ inches.  Cut a piece of elastic to the size of your waist, plus 2 cm.

Starting just past one side seam sew around the waist just above the overlocking stitch (or on the edge of the fold if you do not have an overlocker).  At one side seam leave a gap of 4 cm/1½ inches to insert the elastic (above right).

How to ew an elasticated waistband

Machine around the edge of the waist fold 2.5 cm away from the other stitching line to make a channel for the elastic (both the images above).  Our elastic is 2 cm wide, if using wider, it will be necessary to increase the fold at the top of the skirt.

Maxi skirt with pockets pattern free

Thread the elastic through the channel using a safety pin, pull the end through and pin together (above left and centre). Try the skirt on to make sure the length is ok and that the waist is comfortable.

Place the ends of the elastic over each other as shown (above right) and machine together.  Push the elastic back inside the casing and machine the gap closed, it is possible to handstitch this if preferred.

How to hem a skirt

To finish the skirt, make a small double hem at the bottom edge, folding over 0.5 cm//⅟4 inch and then 1 cm /⅜ inch (above left).  Hold in place with pins and machine around the fold (above right).

Now your new skirt is ready to wear! 

If you enjoyed this project why not take a look at the gathered skirt project Lynne wrote for us. 

Visit Lynne’s website to find out about her workshops and sewing patterns. 

How to make a maxi skirt with pockets