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The fabric and thread for this project was kinldy supplied by Coats Crafts.

Zipped Pouch Project

By Julie Briggs

Sew a zipped pouch 

Make this useful little patchwork pouch to hold all sorts of things – I made mine to hold my Wonder Clips! Adapt the size as you wish to make the perfect pouch for your needs!


You will need...

Tim Holtz Corresepondence fabrics

Make It Coats

Assorted scraps or fat quarters - we used Tim Holtz ‘Correspondence’ kindly supplied by Coats Crafts

Fat quarter lining fabric - Tim Holtz 'Correspondence'


10” zip

Basting spray

Thread - we used Coats 'Duet' 100% Polyester kindly supplied by Coats Crafts



16 x 2½” squares and 2 x 4½” squares (fussy cut if desired), or 24 x 2½” squares

2 pieces of wadding  - 7" x 9"

2 pieces lining - 6½” x 8½”


All seams are ¼”.

RS - right side.

Finished size approximately 7½” x 6".



Laying out squares for patchwork

Take your squares and assemble them into a pleasing grid as pictured – you can adapt your design as you wish – I chose to use a larger square as a fussy cut feature in the centre.  Sew the two side columns 1 x 3 for each side. Then sew the two bottom middle squares to the larger square. Stitch the two side panels to the centre panel, nesting seams as you sew.

Apply basting spray


Quilting lines on a pouch

Take the piece of wadding and apply a small amount of basting spray. Be sure to ventilate the area you are working in. Then smooth the completed squares onto the piece of wadding RS facing you and press lightly to hold in place. Quilt a few lines as you wish. I used an assymetric grid line effect from corner to corner. Do the same for the other side. Trim the rectangles to 6½” x 8½”.


Attaching a zip 

Place an outer panel face up, then place the zip face down to match raw edges, making sure you have plenty of overlap on each side. Finally place a lining piece face down on top of the zip and pin carefully along the top edge to hold it all in place. Using your zip foot, stitch along the line to secure the three layers. Repeat for the other side.

Edgestitch along a zip

Flip the layers back and then edgestitch on the front to neaten the zip edge.

Unzip the zip so the pull is in the centre and then pin the two front pieces RS together and the two lining pieces RS together and pin all around but make sure to leave a gap of a few inches on the lining side so that you can turn the bag the right way out once you've stitched it. 

Stitch all the way round (except the gap) and then clip the corners to neaten. 

Turn the bag through to the right side and then close up the gap in the lining using slipstitch or just machine stitch. 

Finished zipped pouch

Give the bag a good press - it's done!

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