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Woven Star Project

Woven star project

This woven star project has been provided by Vlieseline. Vlieseline make best-selling interfacings, interlinings and waddings.  You can find this project and more on their YouTube Channel. 

These beautiful woven fabric stars make great Christmas decorations and are an ideal scrap buster. They are made using Vlieseline’s 70mm waist shaper to help the strips keep their structure.


4 x 10 inch strips of fabric cut the same width as the waist shaper (70mm)

1.1m of Vlieseline’s 70mm waist shaper

You can buy it by the metre from Rebecca Woollard, Frumble or Sew Much To Do.

Co-ordinating thread

Find a video tutorial above, and a step to step written guide with photos below.

How to use Vlieseline fusible waist shaper

Step 1

Fuse the waist shaper to the back of your fabric strips using a dry iron.  Once fused allow 30 minutes for it to cool so the glue adheres correctly.

Step 2

Fold along the perforated lines to fold both the edges in. Then fold it in half. Sew along the open long edge of the strip to close it.

Step 3

You then need to fold each strip almost in half vertically, as shown above. Leaving around a 1 inch gap at the bottom. Use a wonder clip to hold in place.

Scrap sewing projects for Christmas

Step 4

Take two of your fabric strips. Lie one of them vertically, with the fold at the bottom. Then lie one horizontally, with the fold to your left.

Step 5
Slide the vertical one inside the horizontal one. 

Woven fabric star decoration tutorial

Step 6

Take a third loop and slide it onto the horizontal one from the right with the folded edge upwards. Slide it right along until it’s touching your first strip.

Step 7

Take the 4th loop and place it below the others with the fold to the right.

Fabric strips star project

Then slide it up strip 3 as shown above.

Free sewing projects

Then tuck the end of it through loop 1.

Christmas tree decoration sewing pattern free

Step 8

Once in place pull all 4 strips together so it makes a square with 4 little squares in the centre.

Flip it over, so the longer side of the strips are on top as shown above.

Step 9

Take the top strip and fold it back over the centre of the star. Repeat for the next 2 strips.

How to make a fabric star decoration for the Christmas tree

When you get to the 4th strip you are going to tuck it under the first strip as shown to lock everything in place.

Make a woven fabric star decoration for your Christmas tree

Step 10

To create the points of your star you need to fold the strip at a 45 degree angle as shown in the image.

Free Christmas sewing patterns

Then flip the whole star over, and fold it back on itself again creating another 45 degree angle. The 2 triangles combined make a larger triangle shape. 

Fabric Christmas tree ornaments project

Fold the strip in on itself turning the larger triangle into a single point.

Then tuck the end of the strip under the loop of fabric in front of it.

Woven fabric star decoration project
Credit for this image and the top image: Matt Radcliffe

Repeat on all 4 sides to get your finished folded fabric star. You can stitch a hanging loop onto the back of it to hang it on your Christmas tree.

For more great sewing projects, including other Christmas makes visit Vlieseline’s YouTube Channel. 

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