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Working with Striped Fabrics

How to handle striped fabrics

Be bold and convert a simple striped fabric into an eye catching design. The designs created will work for dressmaking and interior projects so get creative!


You will need...

Striped fabrics

Striped fabric, the best one to use for samples is where each stripe is 1 – 2 cms wide. We used striped fabric from Hantex.

You will also need a sewing machine, thread, a pair of dressmaking scissors, paper, a fabric pen and a pair of paper scissors. 


 Simple Stripes 

Using stripes

 Cut out a square in paper to use as a template. The square can be any size. I have used 10cm squares. Cut out squares of fabric ensuring the squares are identical; i.e. the squares shown here start and finish with a yellow stripe.  

Working with stripes

Lay the squares with the stripes alternating as shown. Stitch together as shown to form a pattern.  

How to handle stripes

I have edged the design in black for greater impact. This would make a perfect cushion front. 

Diamond Stripes

Making diamond stripes

Using the same square template (at a different angle) cut diamonds in the fabric. 

Innovative ideas for stripes

Lay the fabric squares out and join together. 

Working with stripes

I’ve edged this design with black to create more impact. 


Making triangles with striped fabrics

Cut a paper template by using a square and cutting in half diagonally. Cut out identical triangles, ensuring the side of the triangle starts with the same coloured stripe. 

Sewing with stripes

Lay the fabric triangles out and stitch together. 

Making bold patterns in fabric

I have added a dividing line in black and edged in black to complete. 

Alternative Triangles

Playing with striped fabrics

Turn the triangle template so that the longer edge is at the bottom of the striped fabric. Cut out the triangles. 

Working with patterned fabrics

Lay the fabric triangles with the points facing each other. Stitch together. 

Ways of working with striped fabrics

The stitched squares can have more impact when divided and edged by black fabric. 

Pin Tucks

Making pin tucks

Working with alternate stripes, pin and machine stitch to form pin tucks. 

Sewing with stripes

Press the pin tucks in one direction. Draw a guide line across the fabric. 

Making pintucks

Machine stitch across the pin tucks. Press the pin tucks in the opposite direction. Move your ruler approximately 6cm down from the 1st guide lineand draw a 2nd guide line ready for stitching. 

Repeat this action alternating the direction of the pin tucks. 

Using stripes for decorative effect

The effect can be used for bold interiors or dressmaking; i.e. a pocket. 

Using stripes

Work another sample of eight pin tucks and this time alternate the pin tucks so that they meet and they separate forming a honeycomb effect. Pin in place. 

Handling stripes

Where the pin tucks meet hand stitch in place. 

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