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Wonky Star Block

Wonky star block

This 9 inch wonky star block is an extract from Katharine Guerrier’s Scrap Quilt Projects ebook published by Vive Books. This book contains 9 scrap friendly projects and teaches you a range of quilting techniques. 

Asymmetrical Star Block

This 9 inch asymmetrical star/wonky star quilt block is perfect for using scraps and the improv nature of it means each block will look different. 

These instructions make a 9in finished square block, but you can change the size by increasing or reducing the size of the squares.


Wonky Star Block Instructions

Select two contrasting fabrics, one for the star and one for the background.

Cut nine 3½in squares: eight from the background fabric and one from the star fabric.

Cut four 4½in squares from the star fabric and divide these into eight triangles by cutting across one diagonal.

How to sew a wonky star

Take four of the background squares and position a triangle of the star fabric across one corner of each, right sides together and varying the angles to create the asymmetrical effect. Stitch down the long side of the triangles through both fabrics.

Free quilt block tutorials

Flip the triangles over and press flat against the background square. Press.

How to make an improv wonky star quilt block

Place the square on your cutting board wrong side uppermost and trim away the excess star fabric to align with the background fabric.

Cut away the background fabric behind the star point.

Free wonky star quilt block pattern

Using the remaining star fabric triangles, repeat on the adjacent corners of the background squares to make the second star points (see photo above).

Flip the triangle over, press and trim as before to complete the units.

Wonky star quilt block diagram

When the four star point units are complete, arrange these with the corner and centre squares and stitch the block together following the arrow sequence on the diagram. Now your wonky star block is complete. 

Crazy star quilt block

Learn more quilt blocks, techniques and find scrap quilting projects in Katharine Guerrier’s Scrap Quilt Projects. Below is a collage of some of the projects you will find in the book. 

For other free quilt blocks visit our techniques page and click the ‘quilt blocks’ tag.