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Where to donate fabric

Where to donate fabric

Fabric donations

We get a lot of enquiries from people who want to know where to donate fabric. Whether it’s fabrics that have been inherited, businesses who have fabric left over from manufacturing or simply a case of people’s stashes getting too large. So we thought it would be helpful to create a list of places where you can donate fabric. 

NOTE: We don’t accept fabric donations so please do not contact us asking. We wrote this article to guide you to places who can take fabric donations. 


Community scrapstores are organisation who accept donations of unwanted materials and then sell them on at a very low price to local schools, playgroups and other organisations who need craft supplies. 

So your donations will help local children and adults learn to sew or enjoy crafting.

There is a directory of UK Scrapstores on the Reuseful website. Use it to locate your closest Scrapstore. 


There are many sewing charities, making dresses for Children in Africa, quilts for children in hospital, clothing for stillborn babies and many more worthy causes. 

Not only can you donate any unwanted fabric but you know you are helping a good cause at the same time. 

Check out our sewing for charity feature to find a list of those charities and links to their websites. Please contact them before sending any fabric and check what they are looking for and if they are currently accepting donations. 


How to find a local sewing group

Local guilds & sewing groups

If you have stocks of quilting fabrics or haberdashery, quilting patterns or books etc you are looking to part with it could be worth contacting your local quilt guild to see if they would welcome a donation. Many do fabric sales to raise funds so your donation could come in handy. 

Visit the Quilter’s Guild website to find out who runs your local guild and how to contact them. 

You can also Google ‘sewing group’ followed by the name of your nearest town or city to find other local sewing groups who may welcome donations. 

Schools and colleges

Most schools and colleges teach textiles now, even primary schools. They are often glad of donations of fabrics and sewing tools. So why not reach out to your local school or college and see if they would like the sewing supplies you no longer need? 

We hope that helps you find places to donate fabric. Please remember we can’t accept fabric donations so contact one of the suggested options above not us, we will only refer you back to this article.