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What is Janome’s AcuFeed System?

What is Janome's Acufeed system?

What is Janome’s AcuFeed system?

You’ve probably seen it advertised when looking at Janome sewing machines, but are you wondering exactly what Janome’s AcuFeed system is and why you need it? Then read on to find out more.

What is AcuFeed?

AcuFeed is Janome’s exclusive dual feed system, it is used to feed both the top and bottom layers of the fabric evenly under the presser foot so the fabric doesn’t pucker.

It can be used in a variety of sewing applications, one of the common ones being quilting. With 3 layers (2 fabric plus 1 layer of wadding) under the needle to you want them all to feed through at the same speed to keep your stitches even and your fabric smooth. Similarly, it works well for bag making where you also have multiple, often thick, layers of fabric.

Janome Acufeed feet UK

How do I use the AcuFeed system?

Firstly, you need to ensure you are using a special AcuFeed foot which is the correct size for your machine. I have a Janome MC9400QCP so I need the 9mm AcuFeed feet. It tells you at the top of the packaging that the foot is an AcuFeed foot, and what size it is, as per the image shown above. If you are unsure what size you need find your model on the Janome website. 

Once you have the foot you want to use installed you need to activate the AcuFeed system by pressing the button indicated by the red arrow in the picture above. When it’s yellow as in the photo above it means the AcuFeed is active. You can use any needle plate with the AcuFeed feet, but once you select the AcuFeed button you’ll only be able to straight stitch. 

Zipper foot and stitch in the ditch foot

What AcuFeed feet are available?

There are a variety of AcuFeed feet available, you can buy them directly from Janome here or from your local Janome dealer. Many of them are designed for quilting such as the quilt piecing foot (1/4 an inch), stitch in the ditch foot, the open toe foot and the straight stitch foot, but there is also a zipper foot, ruffler foot and seam foot for those who prefer dressmaking or sewing soft furnishings.

Janome HP2 foot
Janome HP2 narrow walking foot

My absolute favourite is the HP2 foot, a narrow ¼ an inch walking foot which is ideal for quilting, bag making, piecing and most types of sewing in fact. I use it about 90% of the time! Read more about the HP2 foot at the bottom of this article.

Different types of Acufeed feet
Single and dual acufeed feet

What is the difference between Single AcuFeed Feet and Dual AcuFeed feet?

There are 2 types of AcuFeed foot holders as you can see in the photo. The foot holder is the white plastic part which the metal feet attach to. 

The single AcuFeed foot holder: this is for narrower feet (the ED and VD feet) like the zipper foot or the HP2 foot for narrow stitch work. This is shown on the left on the picture above. The top left is the HP2 foot in the single AcuFeed holder, bottom left is the zipper foot not in the holder. 

The dual AcuFeed foot holder:  Is for wide sewing machine feet (AD and OD) like the stitch in the ditch foot or the straight stitch foot. These use both the upper feed dogs to get the most traction. This is shown on the right of the picture above. Top right is the walking foot in the dual AcuFeed foot holder, below that is the stitch in the ditch foot not in the holder. 

As you can see it is apparent from the size of the foot which holder it needs to be attached to. But the packaging also tells you too. 

How to change AcuFeed feet

The metal feet clip on and off the white plastic foot holder. To remove a foot that is already attached grip the metal foot at the front of the foot and pull the metal foot forward whilst pulling the plastic foot holder backwards with your other hand, the foot will just pop off. 

To attach an AcuFeed foot to the holder you’ll notice that on the inside of the side pieces of the foot, towards the back, there are 2 little pins.  I’ve used arrows in the image above to show you where they are. 

How to use sewing machine feet

These go into what looks like a half a smile on the bottom of the foot holder. I’m sure there’s probably a more technical name for that bit but I’m afraid I don’t know it. 

Janome sewing machine feet guide

Angle the foot holder diagonally downwards so it tucks under the metal pins, then slide it forward until you hear a click as it slides into place.

The image above shows how it looks when the foot is fully attached to the foot holder and ready for you to sew with.

To attach the foot to your machine unscrew the existing foot and remove it. Slide the foot on making sure the silver hook at the top hooks on above and behind the needle, then screw the foot into place.

For those of you who prefer a video tutorial I’ve embedded one below. It also shows you how to attach the foot to the machine as well. 

Don’t forget before using the foot ensure you select the AcuFeed button on your screen (as shown in the photo higher up this post) to activate the AcuFeed setting.

Now you know how to use the AcuFeed feet which will be the first one you try?