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Thank you for joining The Sewing Directory, we want to help our 1 million + annual website visitors and 130,000+ social media followers discover what you have to offer. Below we have some advice to help you get the most from your listing on The Sewing Directory so please do read through to the end and then save this somewhere safe.


Social media promotion

We have a social media promotion timetable to ensure that customers are promoted monthly or every 2 months, depending on the package you chose, on our social media channels. Please note if you opted for a starter package that does not include social media promotion.  We visit your social media pages, and your website to find something to promote so the best way you can help us is to keep those up to date, and ideally have an image we can use when promoting you.  Facebook posts with images tend to get a much better response. 

Useful to know

  • We get information for our updates from your websites and social media, saving you time so you don’t have to send us information on what to promote.
  • Having a selection of good images of your products, services or online classes will help us reach more people when promoting you.
  • We will follow you on social media to keep an eye on your offers/sales/events/new classes but do feel free to send us the details of anything particular you’d like mentioned.
  • We will tag you when promoting you on social media so you know what we have promoted.
  • If we cannot find any up to date information we will be unable to promote you that cycle, we will check again the next time your company is due for promotion.

If there is something you specifically want us to promote on social media please send the details plus an image to julie@thesewingdirectory.net at least 3 days in advance.


Special Offers/Sales

We also have a much visited sales page on the site, if you are running a sale for 1 week or longer, or have a long-term discount code we can share with our site visitors do e-mail Julie the details on julie@thesewingdirectory.net and we’ll add them into the page.  Ideally, we need to know the expiry date of the sale/offer so we can remove it when it is no longer valid.

You can also send us details of sales/offers for us to promote on social media for you. But please bear in mind we scheduled 3-4 days in advance so please give advance notice. We will also need an image we can use if you are seeking social media promotion.

Useful to know:

  • We can list sales running for a week or more on our sales page if you send us the details
  • We will keep an eye on your social media for offers/sales to share
  • You can update your listing any time to mention offers/sales.

Updating your listing

If you want to update your listing please click here and edit the information you want to change. Click the preview changes button at the bottom to submit the changes to us.

Please note We manually approve all updates so your listing will temporarily go offline until we re-authorise it. You will get a system generated e-mail letting you know when it has been approved.

Change your payment

If you want to change your package or payment frequency please contact Fiona: fiona@thesewingdirectory.net

Leave the site

If you want to leave the site please e-mail fiona@thesewingdirectory.net (at least 48 hours before your next payment is due) and let us know that you want to leave.  We will then cancel your recurring payment, remove your listing and drop you an e-mail to let you know it’s all been done.  

If you don’t contact us before leaving and we incur extra fees as a result (eg. A chargeback fee) we reserve the right to re-coup the cost of the fee from you.  

Forgotten your log in details?

If you have forgotten your log in details, click the ‘recover password’ option on the bottom right below the log in boxes.

If you still can’t access your listing for any reason please e-mail fiona@thesewingdirectory.net and she will re-set your account details.

Content features

We do seek to promote as many of our customers as we can through our content but if you would like to offer supplies to be used in projects, or to write a post for the site please do contact fiona@thesewingdirectory.net 

Got a question?

Have questions about The Sewing Directory then drop Fiona an e-mail fiona@thesewingdirectory.net.   

If your question relates to social media please contact julie@thesewingdirectory.net