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Vlieseline Natural Cotton White Wadding Review

Review of Vlieseline 276 natural cotton white wadding

Vlieseline sent me their new wadding to try out, it’s called 276 Natural Cotton white wadding. It’s a lightweight soft cotton wadding which has been bleached white so it will work well with pale fabrics and low volume prints.  It’s very soft and strokable. 

Best wadding for hand quilting

My first impressions were that it’s very soft and has lovely drape. Firstly, I tried hand quilting with it, because it’s quite thin it was very easy to hand stitch through it. I hand quilted some fabric for a little dumpling pouch (free tutorial) it added a bit more weight than interfacing but not too much bulk which is just what I was looking for. I just echo quilted around the land masses. 

It doesn’t have the same stiffness as interfacing has, it’s softer and doesn’t hold its shape in the same way but it allowed me to quilt some of the lines on the map fabric I was using whilst making the pouch a little more substantial.

Quilted cushion

The second project I made with it was a machine quilted cushion (map print again!) This was quite a large cushion, 22 inches so the size of a mini quilt really. I quilted along the lines originating from the compass points on the map, plus a few lines on the larger land masses to hold the layers together.

Because it’s a lightweight wadding you don’t get the usual texture you get on quilted projects. The fluffier the wadding the more it plouffs (I’m sure that’s the technical term!) out between the stitches adding a 3d texture to your project. 

With this wadding there was only a slight texture, barely visible to the eye but could be felt when stroking the cushion. As you can see from the image above even when the quilting lines are spaced 2-3cm apart it’s still flat. I would say it’s comparable to the Vlieseline lightweight fusible fleece (H630) weight wise.

The recommended use for this wadding is quilted garments like the popular patchwork coats and jackets that are the trend currently. I can see this wadding would work well for that, it would add warmth and a little texture without being too thick and overheating the wearer.  The video above gives you an idea of the drape, thickness and texture of the wadding. 

It would also work well for a lightweight quilt to use in the spring/autumn when you don’t want too much extra thickness, or for baby quilts. It’s best to keep baby quilts fairly light weight so you don’t overheat the baby.


Vlieseline Natural cotton white wadding (276) is a lovely soft lightweight wadding perfect for quilted garments or baby quilts. It has a lovely handle to it, and doesn’t shed fluff when you are sewing with it.

Find your local, or online, Vlieseline stockists here. 

Tips: Because the wadding is entirely cotton it’s best to prewash it to avoid shrinkage of your finished product.

Your quilting lines should be no more than 10cm apart