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Vintage Patch Review

Vintage Patch use authentic vintage, new vintage inspired and reclaimed vintage inspired fabrics to create unique iron on elbow, knee patches to customise or repair your garments and accessories. Their website offers a wide variety of fabric colours, designs and patterns to choose from, you can also find them on E-bay.

I had great fun browsing through all the pretty fabric options and found it difficult to make my decision! Once I’d chosen my fabrics I had to choose the shape from another wide variety of options, covering traditional ovals and rectangles to cute hearts, flowers and star shapes. At just £3.50 a pair for the adult size and £2.99 for a child sized pair they offer good value for money too. Each set includes test samples and detailed instructions on how to use the patches. If you’re a more visual person then there is also a pictorial guide available on their website.

Customise your clothes with vintage patches

I have 2 cardies that I love and are very comfortable but to be honest aren’t very exciting, just plain purple and black. This does however mean that they are perfect for a bit of jazzing up with the 2 vintage patches I have, 1 pair of black ovals and a pair of purple heart patches.

The set of instructions that came with my patches told me about the fabric composition and origin. The black patch was 100% cotton and new vintage inspired fabric, whilst the purple heart patch is a cotton blend and also new vintage style fabric. As suggested in the instructions I tried both cardies on first in order to gage the best location for the patches, with my monkey arms, this might not have been the same as for other people, so this is a really useful tip.

Iron on patches made from vintage fabrics

I did however find it a tad fiddly to do on my own as reaching both sides of the patch with just 1 hand and holding it in place at the same time was rather awkward. Therefore a willing friend might be useful at the point, but as I’ve shown it can be done on your own, I just managed to pin my arm to the cardie as well, ouch! Ironing on the patches was very quick and easy to do, however as they are at the elbow and therefore are under a fair bit of stress and movement, I found them started coming loose quickly.

Sew on patch to revamp your clothing

The instructions do suggest that once they are ironed on to secure them with either a running stitch or blanket stitch. I chose the blanket stitch and as it’s been a while since I did this on flat fabric I followed the link to instructables they provide with the instructions. If you want your stitches to be a feature of the patch, then I would recommend you use an embroidery thread, or even a contrasting coloured thread. I used a normal sewing thread and found they aren’t very visible but they do still look great.

In total it took me just 2 hours to customise my cardies with these patches and that’s only as I’m a very slow handstitcher! I love the new funky look of my cardies, much more my style now. 

This review was written by Beth Edmondson

Customise your clothes repair your clothes with iron on patches


Vintage Patch kindly gave us 2 sets of patches to giveaway to one lucky person. The patches are pictured below.  To enter the giveaway please tell us what garment you would customise using these patches.  UK & Ireland only, all entries must be received by 6pm Saturday 20th April. 

Send your entries by e-mail to with Vintage Patches in the subject box.

COMPETITION NEW ENDED - The winner is Sara Ramos who would use the patches to customise a denim jacket. 

Vintage-Patch Giveaway