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Using Pattern Weights

How to use pattern weights

We have written this guide for those of you who are unsure what pattern weights are, and what you would use them for. I was approached by Pattern Weights, a British based family run company who make metal pattern weights with beautiful designs from numerous artists on them, a few months ago and asked if I’d like to try their weights out. Little did I know at the time that these items I’d never thought I needed would come in so handy!

Pattern Weights

The main purpose of pattern weights is as the name suggests, to weigh down your pattern pieces. So when you are tracing or cutting a pattern instead of having to take time to pin the paper to the fabric you strategically place the weights on top so the pattern piece is flat and then trace or cut around the edge. Not only does this save you plenty of time, but it also helps to preserve your pattern pieces too as they won’t be full of pin holes. Also pinning the pattern to the fabric can distort it slightly, whereas pattern weights keep it flat for you.


Using pattern weights

I used to randomly grab whatever was to hand to hold my pattern pieces down, books, scissors, drinks etc. With pattern weights it is much easier because they are small and flat so they don’t get in the way as you cut, unlike the items I used to use before.

The weights from Pattern Weights come in 3 different sizes and weights, 40mm = 48 grams : 50mm = 75 grams : 60mm = 105 grams. I’ve been using the smallest weights as I sew bags and smaller items and they are ideal for me, even though they are small they are heavy enough to hold everything in place. If you do dressmaking and will be using larger pattern pieces the medium or large may be better suited to you.


Pattern weights for sewing

Another great use I’ve found for these pattern weights is holding your fabric in place as you cut. I often find when cutting a large piece of fabric to size for a project I have some fabric hanging over the edge of my cutting table, which then pulls on the fabric making it shift. By lining up 3 weights on top of the fabric near the edge of the table the fabric is securely held into place and there is no pulling.

Pattern weights for sewing

You can buy the pattern weights in sets which come presented in a beautiful metal tin.  This is how mine arrived. However, I have to confess that I use them so often that I don’t bother with the tin. I keep them stacked in a pile on the corner of my cutting table so they are always to hand, to easily grab whenever I need them and hardly take up any space at all. 

Set of pattern weights

Why not visit Pattern Weights today and browse their gorgeous range of pattern weights? Prices start from just £2.99. You can also find them in many sewing shops and haberdasheries around the country.