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This tutorial is part of the Back to Basics series of essential sewing tutorials and techniques for beginners sponsored by Coats Crafts

How to tie a perfect knot for hand sewing

Tying a Knot

This could be the most useful thing you’ll learn when hand sewing.  


Techniques for hand sewing

Start by grasping the end of thread between your fore finger and thumb.


Sewing back to basics

Wrap the thread around your finger, crossing it over the end of the thread.  


 Back to basics sewing series

Roll the thread between your thumb and finger, twisting the threads together, until it rolls off the end of your fore finger – but don’t let go! 


Essential hand sewing skills

It should still be grasped between your fore finger and thumb.  Pinch higher up the thread between your middle finger and thumb and slide that finger and thumb down the thread pulling the twisted threads into a knot at the end of your thread.  

Essential hand sewing tutorials

The more you twist the threads the bigger the knot, if you need an even bigger knot wrap it around your finger twice.  Practice makes perfect!  

Perfectly tied hand sewing knot

Once mastered it’s the quickest way of starting off your thread.  You can conceal this knot on the inside of your work, under a hem or on the back of a seam and it never comes undone. 

This series of posts is sponsored by Coats Crafts