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Sunglasses Case Project

Sunglasses case project

Stitch yourself a sunglasses case in the Boro style with our sunglasses case project using fabrics kindly supplied by MakoweUK.

Boro work is a traditional Japanese technique often used for mending items of clothing using running stitches over patches of fabric. We are re-creating this look by using patches of fabric attached to a base fabric by stitching lines of running stitch to secure the patches. We then used the fabric we made into a useful sunglasses case.

Scrappy sunglasses case tutorial

You will need…

Two pieces base fabric for Boro stitching (we used calico) – 22cm x 12cm

Small rectangular patches of fabrics for Boro work – we used a selection from the Grove range by Makower UK

Sashiko Thread or Perle Cotton for Boro stitching – use a contrasting colour

Two pieces lining fabric 20cm x 12cm

Two pieces and two scraps of iron-on lightweight interfacing to strengthen the foundation fabric – 22cm x 12cm 

Magnetic Clasp – ours was from Bag Clasps



 Use a 1/4 inch seam allowance throughout.


How to do Boro Stitching

Making the Foundation Fabric

Take your piece of calico and press. Start adding small rectangular pieces of fabric from the centre outwards and pin in place. You want the raw edges to show to give the work an aged appearance. Then as you add more patches, tiling them over the previous pieces, start to add some running stitches to secure the pieces in place.

How to do Boro Stitching

How to do Boro Stitching

Start by knotting your thread and hiding the knot behind a fabric patch. Start by taking running stitches down the edges of the fabric patches – your stitches can be as large or small as you like and uneven stitches look good for this style. 

 Stitch in circles or straight lines as you wish. 

How to create a Japanese Boro inspired piece of cloth

Keep adding pieces and stitching them on until the base pieces of calico are completely covered. These are your foundation fabrics for the outer part of the sunglasses case.

Iron on the interfacing to the wrong side of each piece of foundation fabric to strengthen the fabric.

How to make a lined sunglasses case

Assembling the sunglasses case

Take a piece of lining fabric and place right sides together with your Boro fabric piece along a short edge then sttich along, securing the ends. Repeat for the other pieces and press the seams towards the lining fabric.

How to use a magnetic fastening

Add the magnetic clasp to the lining pieces. Measure the central point, 2cm from the top of the lining fabric and fuse a scrap piece of interfacing to strengthen the fabric. Make two small slits using your seam ripper tool. Push one half of the magnetic clasp through the holes, making sure the clasp is the right way round on the interior of the lining fabric. Repeat for the other half and making sure they align when closed.

How to make a lined glasses case with magnetic fastening

Flatten out the two stitched pieces and place them RS together with the outer pieces facing and the lining pieces facing. Pin then stitch, leaving a 5 or 6cm gap in the lower edge of the lining fabric for turning through. Make sure you secure the stitching at each end and keep the seam allowance towards the lining as you sew.

Snip all corners diagonally to reduce bulk before you turn through, taking care not to cut the stitching.

Free projects for stitchers

Push the case through to the right side and then slip stitch the gap in the lining by hand to give the case a neat finish.

Beginner's Boro project

Push the lining inside the case and your case is finished and ready to use! As you use it the Boro fabric pieces will fray and ‘weather’ giving it a nice look.

How do I make a case for my sunglasses?

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