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Stitched Textiles Seascapes Book Review

Book Review: Stitched Textiles - Seascapes by Amanda Hislop

Who doesn’t love the sea? And the possibilities to create textile work from this natural wonder are endless. Amanda Hislop shares her wonderful techniques and inspiration in this latest Stitched Textiles publication from Search Press.

How to stitch seascapes

Amanda uses a wide range of materials to create her seascape pieces and there is a comprehensive discussion about which base fabrics, threads, paints etc. and found materials to use in your work.

Sketching out a stitched design before sewing it

Amanda’s approach uses exercises to build up marks in a sketchbook and there are a few exercises to get you looking and starting to build up a set of references to use in your textile work. She guides you, even if you’re not comfortable with drawing, and this section is a great help for loosening up!

Composition of stitched seascapes and landscapes

Composition is discussed in quite some detail to make you think about the balance between sea and sky, how much detail you want to show and takes you through basic principles to achieve a balanced picture.

The book then goes on to talk about colour and how to approach the changes of light in a seascape.

Stitching practice exercise

Developing the mark-making theme, Amanda guides us through doodling with your sewing machine to add line and texture to a textile piece. Again, there are exercises to walk you through the processes.

Seascape sewing projects

 As with the other books in this series, this book offers you the chance to follow four step-by-step projects to develop your skills before embarking on your own seascapes. Amanda covers the shoreline, man-made forms, textures and patterns to help your textile piece develop into an accomplished piece of work.

Once again, this series of book have become ‘must-reads’ for those of us wishing to explore how to develop and improve techniques for textile art. Amanda’s book covers a huge amount of ground and is accessible for those who don’t feel particularly artistic! The step-by-step projects give you the confidence to have a go and really just relax and play! Highly recommended.

Stitched Textiles: Seascapes by Amanda Hislop is available to buy from Search Press, priced at £15.99.