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Sleepy Fox Brooch Project

Felt fox brooch tutorial

This adorable sleepy fox brooch project is an extract from best-selling author Corrine Lapierre’s new book A Year of Felt Decorations, published by Search Press. 

I love brooches so much. They add a touch of colour or fun to any outfit. You can wear them on coats, cardigans, hats, scarves, shawls…just about anything! This sleepy fox is a miniature version of the fox pillow which can also be found in the book. You can take him with you wherever you go. It will also make an adorable present and it is very quick to make.

You will need

Click the template name to view the template, right click to save and print. 

Body template

Head template

Tail templates 


Rust-brown felt at least 15 x 10cm (6 x 4in)

White felt, 5 x 5cm (2 x 2in)

Dark brown and white embroidery thread

Brooch pin


Scissors (paper, fabric and embroidery)

Pen or pencil

Embroidery needle

Fabric glue (optional)

1 Cut out the templates and transfer to the felt. You should have two body pieces, one head and one tail.

2 Split your thread to use only one strand. Place the tail on one of the body pieces and stitch in place with backstitch. Following the top line of the tail, draw a continuation onto the rust‑brown felt as a curved line. Use the dotted line on the template to embroider the curve of the tail with a brown backstitch.

Sew a felt fox

3 Add the head at a slight angle with the top sticking out a little. Sew in place with backstitch all the way round. Make the eyes look sleepy with little curves of backstitch and add a few straight stitches close together on the nose. You can work an upside down v shape in white on the ears if you want.

Felt fox brooch pattern

4 Take the back body piece and sew the brooch pin on the back with a few stitches going through the holes of the pin. Alternatively, you might prefer to glue it on.

5 Place the front body onto the back and sew round with blanket stitch.

For more easy to sew felt projects you can purchase A Year of Felt Decorations on the Search Press website. 

Sleepy fox brooch project free