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Simply Beautiful Shrug Project

Beautiful shrug project

This beautiful shrug project is an extract from Serger 101 by Katrina Walker published by C&T Publishing and distributed by Search Press. This everything guide to serger sewing machines has detailed how-tos for basic and specialty stitches, troubleshooting, and more, plus ten projects to sharpen your skills.

Simpler to wear than a scarf, yet just as easy to make (especially with a serger!), a shrug is perfect for stretching a travel wardrobe or to add a touch of elegance to any basic outfit. Create this versatile accessory using a lovely chiffon or any drapey fabric. Rolled hems and faux French seams make it fast and fabulous.


Fabric: 1 yard of silk chiffon or other drapey fabric

Thread: Embroidery or serger thread

Tools and notions: 18˝ (45.7 cm) ruler, marking chalk, fabric shears or rotary cutter, rotary cutting mat (if using rotary cutter)

PDF Template for Simply Beautiful Shrug– you will need to scroll down the file to page 142 for the relevant pattern piece

Tip: Stabilize for Success: For easier handling while cutting and overlocking, pre-treat the chiffon with a liq­uid stabilizer or starch before cutting.


How to sew with chiffon fabric

 Cut chiffon into 2 rectangles approximately 18˝ × 44˝ (45.7 × 111.8 cm) each.

Cut the Neckline

Beginner's projects for the overlocker

Fold 1 rectangle in half widthwise so that it measures approximately 18˝ × 22˝ (45.7 × 55.9 cm).

How to sew a shrug

Align the Neckline Cutting template with the fold and upper edge of the rectangle.

Simple projects for the serger

Mark and cut the neckline curve using the template.

Repeat Steps 1–3 with the remaining rectangle.



All seam allowances and hems are the depth of the serger stitch used, unless otherwise indicated.


Set Up the Serger

Thread the serger for 2- or 3-thread narrow overlock.

Use neckline cutting scraps to test seams and hems before constructing.


Construct the Shrug

Align rectangles right sides together with necklines matching.

Using 2- or 3-thread narrow overlock, serge 1 shoulder seam from edge of rectangle to neckline. Press to one side.

Sewing a rolled hem

Change serger to 2- or 3-thread rolled hem.

Free shrug sewing pattern

Hem the neckline.

Reset the serger for 2- or 3-thread narrow overlock.

Beginner's overlocker project

Serge remaining shoulder seam.

Change the serger to 2- or 3-thead rolled hem.

Hem any remaining raw edges. If selvages are attractive, you can leave them as is.

Free patterns for overlockers

Secure the thread chains with thread sealant and trim close to fabric when dry.

Free beginner dressmaking patterns

You can buy a copy of Serger 101 from Search Press here, priced at £20.99

For other dressmaking projects please visit our free projects page and click the dressmaking tag.