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Snake Glove Puppet

Glove puppet project for children

This project has been designed by Little Miss Fancy Frocks a dynamic mother-daughter duo who lovingly create handcrafted clothing for adults and children.

Make this fun Sid the Snake glove puppet for your little ones, or help them make their own! It’s fun, colourful, and so easy to make. You can hand stitch or machine stitch, making it an ideal project for novice crafters.

You will need...

Yellow felt 24cm x 16cm

Red felt 16cm x 3cm

Purple felt 30cm x 30cm

Orange felt 10cm x 10cm

White felt 6cm x 4cm

Sewing threads to match

You will need scissors, pins, a needle and a fabric marker pen

Glove Puppet template


 All seam allowances are 1cm.



Children's sewing projects with felt

Using the pattern cut out the felt pieces as follows:

Sewing pattern printing
Craft fabrics
Bespoke fabric printing

2 purple bodies

2 yellow mouth pieces

1 red tongue

2 white eyes

2 orange eyes

6 orange triangles

3 yellow triangles

How to make a glove puppet

Place the eyes, tongue and triangles in position and stitch by hand or machine.

Sewing with felt

Stitch the two mouth pieces together along the straight edge by hand or machine.

How to sew a hand puppet from felt

Stitch the curve of one of the mouth pieces to the curve of one of the body pieces. In the same way stitch the second mouth piece to the other body piece.

Projects to sew with children

Place the two bodies together and stitch the side seams from the edge of the mouth down to the bottom of the puppet.

Use a pinking shears to pink all seam edges to give a more decorative edge.

how to sew a snake glove puppet

Sid the Snake is ready to play with!