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Sewing Room Storage

Sewing room storage

Are you looking for ways to keep your sewing room neat and tidy? To get organised so you can find what you need? Below you’ll find a selection of free projects/patterns plus purchasable sewing room storage solutions to help you keep your creative space organised. You may also find our sort your sewing space feature handy.

Free tutorial for a fabric storage cube

Ideas for storing fabric and works in progress

I use a few different methods for storing my fabric. I love making these fabric storage cubes which hold around 20 fat quarters. Plus I have a couple of the Maker’s Box project I wrote for Patterntrace which can hold larger pieces of fabric, several ½ metre or 1 metre cuts can easily fit into it. If you have lots of works in progress and would like to store the fabrics, pattern & trims etc for each project all together in one place take a look at this large project pouch tutorial. 

Prym stoer and travel bags

If you have a big project like a quilt on the go the Prym store and travel bags will fit a large amount of fabric in, plus it’s then all packed up ready to take to sewing groups. I also use some plastic storage boxes like these, some small enough to fit on shelves, others larger to slide under the bed. They are stackable too which is handy.  For smaller projects Prym’s All-in-one bag is a great solution. You can keep the materials and tools for the project in one easy to transport bag, plus the clear pockets mean you can easily locate the bits you need. 

For the large pieces of fabric I have a gorgeous rainbow storage tower, I sort the fabric by colour, 1 drawer for each colour. Ikea sell similar ones you could use.  

How to store thread spools

Ways to store thread

I will admit I have a rather large thread collection (over 400 spools!) so I use the Artbin super satchel thread storage boxes which each hold over 100 spools. A similar idea is this Sulky Thread storage box from The Cotton Patch.  If your thread stash is a little more modest than mine then Patterntrace’s Spoolpods are a great solution. They allow you to store each spool with it’s matching bobbin, and they are stackable. Prym have a nice thread storage box which holds 15 spools.

Sewing projects to keep your sewing stuff tidy

We have a free project to make a hanging sewing tidy which will hold multiple spools of thread along with other items of haberdashery. Of course there’s also the traditional spool thread racks available at The Cotton Patch. 

Sort out your sewing room
Storing bobbins

How to store haberdashery

We all have lots of little sewing bits and bobs that need organising, from buttons to hooks and eyes, snaps to sewing tools. It’s much easier to find what you need if everything has a home. This stacking donut box is ideal for all the tiny bits like snaps, bobbins, buttons etc. There are 5 individual ring shape boxes which stack on top of each other, and each one is split into 5 sub compartments. Making it easy to stay organised. 

For larger sewing tools and accessories this jumbo click box is ideal. Plus the carry handles mean you have easily transport it to sewing classes or groups too. Another great solution for smaller bits of haberdashery is this organiser box, which contains 4 mini boxes (with lids). So not only can you use it in your sewing room as a storage set but you can easily remove a single box to take to workshops or sewing groups with you. 

What about this fab  thimble desk organiser for holding your marking tools and small rulers? 

You could make our embroidery hoop storage project to hang on your sewing room wall. It’ll hold your snips, chalk pens, tape measure and other small tools and will look pretty at the same time. 

These pretty pastel haberdashery tidies from FabricYard allow you to keep all your sewing essentials to hand in an easy to grab manner. 

Haberdashery storage solution

The fab Oslo Craft Bag (free pattern) shown below from Sew Sweetness is very similar to the organiser on my desk. I store my quilting rulers and templates in the centre, and marking tools in the side pockets. Find out how to get the pattern here. 

Make an Oslo craft bag

If you have so much sewing stuff that even tidying and organising it doesn’t clear the space you need then it’s worth listening to the Clear The Decks podcast which is all about decluttering your sewing space 

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