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Sewing Pattern Printing

We have a detailed guide to designing your own sewing patterns. We thought in this feature we’d dig deeper into the steps required to get your sewing patterns ready to sell with this sewing pattern printing feature.

More and more stitchers are getting inspired to design their own sewing patterns, the list of independent sewing pattern designers is growing every month. This gives the end user a much wider choice of sewing patterns featuring different styles and made to fit all body shapes. View our regularly updated list of independent pattern designers here.

A few years ago it was much harder to enter the market. Sewing pattern printers had large minimum orders in the thousands, and many were outside of the UK adding additional costs on. Often making it uneconomic for smaller businesses to print their own sewing patterns.

UK sewing pattern printer for designers
Patterns by Leicestershire Craft Centre

Then in 2015 a traditional Devon based printer turned their attention to the sewing market. After 45 years printing posters and flyers Simon King, head of sales, identified a need for small run pattern printing for sewing pattern designers and launched Netprinter.

He spotted that although the orders were small, the market was large. Plus, there was an issue that had not yet been resolved – the production of pattern envelopes. He embraced the challenge and his research told him there were a few things that pattern designers needed. They need a simple ordering system (the designer portal), a fixed good price and great service combined with high quality.

Netprinter Designer Hub

With those principles in mind Netprinter created a dedicated area for sewing pattern designers on their website called the designer hub. From there sewing pattern designers can upload their patterns, the instructions, envelope artwork etc and get quotes for each component of their pattern product. The system generates a quote for them which is then held for the next 12 months. They simply input the quantity they want plus a delivery address and place their order. The above screenshot shows what appears when you are logged into the designer hub.

On the right-hand side of the designer area, they have a series of templates, samples and guide notes to help designers create the various parts of their pattern to the right size and specification for printing. A very helpful resource, especially for new designers.

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Above is a sample pattern envelope from their resources section.

How to get pattern envelopes printed
Pattern envelopes from My Handmade Wardrobe

They also have a free blank sewing pattern envelope template available so people can fill in their pattern details onto it.

Once you’ve created and uploaded your pattern sheet, envelope and instructions booklet (or any combination of these) you submit the design. They will then give you a competitive quote which is fixed on the Netprinter system for the next 12 months.

When your designs are saved on their website you can log back in to get more printed whenever you need them. The minimum order is only 100. For first orders Netprinter are happy for designers to combine designs to reach the threshold of 100, after that it’s 100 per design.

If you sell view distributors the good news is Netprinter are happy to ship your order direct to the distributor, saving you some time and hassle.

If you are interested in printing your sewing pattern designers then pop over to Netprinter’s designer area and register now.

If you want to design your own sewing patterns why not read our becoming a sewing pattern designer post next which includes interviews with several sewing pattern designers?