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Sewing pattern printing made easy

Sewing Pattern Printing

We have a detailed guide to designing your own sewing patterns. We thought in this feature we’d dig deeper into the steps required to get your sewing patterns ready to sell with this sewing pattern printing feature.

More and more stitchers are getting inspired to design their own sewing patterns, the list of independent sewing pattern designers is growing every month. This gives the end user a much wider choice of sewing patterns featuring different styles and made to fit all body shapes. View our regularly updated list of independent pattern designers here.

A few years ago it was much harder to enter the market. Sewing pattern printers had large minimum orders in the thousands, and many were outside of the UK adding additional costs on. Often making it uneconomic for smaller businesses to print their own sewing patterns.

UK sewing pattern printer for designers
Patterns by Leicestershire Craft Centre

Now smaller printers have become much more aware of the need for smaller more economical print runs. Our website sponsors ABC Service offer pattern printing for home stitchers as well as pattern designers. 

For pattern designers there is no minimum order, and the discounts get bigger the more you order!  They an also print pattern booklets for you too. 

With ABC Service you don’t need to e-mail for a quote, simply upload your pattern then adjust the quantity to the amount you require. the price will automatically adjust, applying a bulk discount if you are ordering several patterns. 

You can also use code: SEWGOOD to get 20% off your first order with them as well. 

So what do you need to get started with printing your own patterns? You want a digital file of your pattern sheet, graded into multiple different sizes. You will also need instructions for your customers to follow so they can assemble the pattern.  You also need artwork for your pattern envelope.   If you need help with any of those things you can find details of professionals who can assist in our guide to designing sewing patterns.

How to get pattern envelopes printed
Pattern envelopes from My Handmade Wardrobe

This guide was originally written to feature Netprinter, who have sadly since closed down.  Some of the patterns shown in this article were printed by them. ABC Service are expanding their offering to fill the gap left in the market by offering affordable bulk pattern printing for sewing pattern designers. 

If you want to design your own sewing patterns why not read our becoming a sewing pattern designer post next which includes interviews with several sewing pattern designers?