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Sewing Machine Basics for Children

Sewing Machine Basics for Children book review

Written by an experienced children’s sewing teacher Angela Pressley, Sewing Machine Basics for Children guides children through the basics of sewing from the absolute beginner techniques like cutting fabrics and sewing seams to more advanced techniques like applique and sewing zips.

The book contains a series of technique based workshops guiding children step by step through different essential sewing skills. Then each workshop is followed by projects which utilise the skills they have just learned so they can put them into practice.

The instructions are easy to follow for children, very clear numbered steps with colourful photos and diagrams as you can see below. I like that the diagrams show the prints of the fabrics making it easy to see if you have everything in the right place, and when you should be working from the front or the back of the fabric.

Sewing books for children

The project templates are in the back of the book and are a mixture of full size templates, and half size ones (which you need to photocopy at 200%). The projects themselves range from those aimed at younger kids like soft toys and cute cushions, to ones teens might like including bags, an earbud holder and beanbag phone/tablet stand. With 30 projects to choose from most children are likely to find several they’d like to sew.  View a few of our favourites below and find a free project extract – the earbud case project here. 

So, if your child would love to learn how to sew order your copy of Sewing Machine Basics for Children here.

Sewing Machine Basics for Children by Angela Pressley, published by CICO Books (£12.99)

Photography by James Gardiner © CICO Books