Sewing Kits

Sewing kits for children

A sewing or craft kit is a quick and easy way to make a project. You know you have all the supplies and instructions you need to make the finished item. They make great gifts too.  Below we share some of our favourite places to buying sewing kits. 

Craft Yourself Silly

Proggy kit from Craft Yourself Silly

Craft Yourself Silly have a range of different craft kits, which are all their own unique designs. Such as the Proggy kits (example above) which use rag rugging skills, Tessepatch which uses tessellating patchwork shapes and Stitch-onary embroidery kits (read our reviews here). 

Browse the full range of their kits at:


Those of us who are children of the 80’s probably remember the brilliant Clothkit pre-printed fabric garment kits like the jacket shown above. I used to wear the blue version when  I was about 6! 

Amazingly they still sell these kits, along with dressmaking kits for adults too plus some craft kits for children to introduce them to sewing. These kits include toy animals like the lion shown at the top of the page. 

Visit to view their full selection of sewing kits for both adults and children. 


Lampshade making craft kits

Dannell’s are famous for their lampshade making kits but they also sell kits for making clocks, waste baskets, sewing storage bins, textile art and lanterns. 

Find all their kits here:

All Sewn Up Wales

Our lovely website contributor Helen Rhiannon not only sells several unique soft toy making its featuring projects from her book Sew Perfect Pets, but she also has knicker making kits, lampshade kits and toy animal kits from other designers on her site too. 

Order yours here: