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Sewing Apps

Apps for sewing quilting and embroidery

Many of us are now using smart phones, downloading apps for our favourite hobbies and interests.  Did you know there are hundreds of sewing, quilting and craft apps available?  They allow you to find local classes, clubs and exhibitions, track your stash and projects, learn through your phone and much more.  Find the details of a selection of them below and click the links to download or find out more. Some of the apps are free and others can be yours for a fee.

Fabric and Notions Organisation

All About Fabrics

With this app, you can quickly calculate the right amount of material for any garment, find the nearest fabric store, as well as useful and interesting information about fabrics. The app features four main sections: Calculation, Measurements, Directory,  and Stores. Buy the app here for Apple devices.

Cora – Sew Your Fabric Stash

Cora is an iPhone, iPad, and iPod app that helps you sew your fabric stash. With Cora, whether you’re out and about shopping for patterns or planning a project in bed, your fabric stash is always with you! Sort and search to sew up treasures you already have. The link is here.

Apps for organising your fabrics
Cora App

Sew Awesome 2

This app allows you to store details, images, notes about your sewing stuff including fabrics, sewing tools and sewing terminology and track all your sewing projects. It’s available for Android devices here. Find it on the App store for Apple devices here

Sew Organized

An app released by DIY Danielle for Android devices, this app helps you to keep track of all of your projects. Organize sewing projects, measurements, patterns, fabric, and your sewing shopping list all in this one convenient app. Browse sewing inspiration tutorials, fabrics, and patterns. Keep track of everything from fabric care instructions to your cost for a particular sewing project on this easy to use sewing phone app. Get the Android version here

Sewing Log

Sewing Log is an easy-to-use, very visual, mobile app to assist you in you sewing journey. Whatever the trigger for your new sewing project is, you always need to consider a set of elements when planning a new project: project, pattern, fabric and measurements. With Sewing Log you can track and trace all this elements, since they are related to each other. You can see which pattern and fabric you used for a certain project, as well as all the projects related to a certain pattern. Available on Apple store.


Stash Hub

Available for Apple and Android devices, this app will record all your sewing supplies in one place so that you don’t buy anything you already have in your stash! Store notes about fabric, buttons, haberdashery etc. Download the app here.   


iSewMe is a cute, simple and helpful way to document your sewing projects and to keep stock of your fabrics, patterns and other miscellaneous bits and bobs. Available for Apple devices for a small charge here.



Quilting Tutorials from Missouri Star Quilt Co.

Free quilting tutorial videos from Jenny Doan of the Missouri Star Quilt Company! They have hundreds of quilt patterns to choose from for beginners and experts alike. You’ll love learning to sew with them! New tutorials are added all the time! Download the app for Apple devices free here. For Android, click here.


A new web app to allow you to try out fabrics and colours on a quilt pattern before you cut! At present there is only one design that you can download to buy but keep an eye on this new idea – see it here.

Quilt Wizard

Gain confidence in your quilt fabrics shopping with Quilt Wizard! Take pictures of fabrics right on the spot, and immediately try them in your quilt project on screen. No need to carry snippets of fabrics with you when shopping, you can see straight away on your device how your choice of fabrics will perform on your quilt. Get this app from the Apple store here. 

QuiltSandwich : Quilt Fabric Calculator

Put away yardage and formula charts and just create. QuiltSandwich figures the amount of fabric needed for all the layers of a quilt sandwich. It creates cutting diagrams for each piece, making it easy to get the most out of your fabric — yardage and Fat Quarters. Available here for Apple devices.

Quiltler 2

Quiltler 2 allows you to design any quilt design you can envision, thanks to its sophisticated features. You can overlap fabrics, alter colours etc. Take a look at this app for Apple devices.

Quilt Cat

Quilt Cat is the app that allows you to create your own patchwork blocks and design quilts. Simply draw your idea and it will add the necessary calculations, add seam allowances, help you create a template, advise you how to cut fabrics and more. It will show how the block will look if you use your own fabrics.

Get for Android here.


More of a social sharing platform, QuiltSpace lets you share photos of your quilts, share advice and then like, comment, or share projects. Connect with other quilters too.

Free on Apple and Android.


Blocks is an App for quilters to share their blocks and aims to create a kind of challenge between them! Just pick a block, quilt it, share it.

Blocks will choose a block weekly as a challenge, and pin the best three works during the week to social channels! Join in the fun! 

Get it for Google devices.

Missouri Star Quilting app
Missouri Star Quilting app

Quiltography – Quilt Design Made Simple

You can scan your fabric, design quilt blocks or pick from traditional 180 quilt blocks to design your own quilts in this app which is available in the Apple store.   It also includes a yardage calculator so you know how much fabric to buy for your quilt.

Robert Kaufman quilting calculator

If quilting is your thing why not download the free quilting calculator from Robert Kaufman?  It is available from the Apple store and the Google Play store for those on Android. It helps you to determine how much fabric you need, how much backing and batting, binding and border measurements.  Calculations are available in both yardage and metric.


QuiltPaper creates graph paper for quilters. More than just a 1/4” grid — a tap does much of the ‘drafting’ needed for quilt design by adding borders, sashing, cornerstones, diagonals for triangles, and more. Available in the Apple store here for a small fee.



Would you like to sketch your own patterns but find that existing body templates don’t fit you? The MyBodyModel web app makes fashion sketch templates (also called “croquis”) to your body measurements. So you can plan your makes on a croquis that looks like you! You can try unlimited free previews and download your body model in PDF and JPEG file formats. Get started here.

App for personalised pattern croquis

Sewing Patterns

Have you ever tried going on a shopping spree for new fabrics (in physical stores or online), only to feel completely lost by not knowing exactly how you would use that nice-looking piece of fabric, and end up purchasing the wrong thing – or purchasing the right thing, but in the wrong quantity – or worse, still: Leaving empty-handed? If your answer is “yes”, then Sewing Patterns will be your indispensable companion in the future. The inspiration in the form of your pattern library is right at your fingertips, wherever you go, and you can easily make sure that you purchase the right fabric in the right quantity – and with the right accessories. The app also helps you find inspiration on how to best make use of your current stash of fabric. Costs $4.99 on Apple store and $5.99 on Google store.

Dress Measurement

This app for Apple devices keeps all the data about your own personal measurements in one place! 

Get it here for free (basic app).

Brother embroidery app
Artspira App from Brother



For the machine embroiders Brother have an app called Artspira which connects with all brother wireless enabled embroidery and ScanNcut SDX machines to create, edit and design.

It also includes weekly magazines with projects. Find out more, or download it here. 


A new app for Apple products that lets you design your own charts for cross stitch, beading and other charted techniques. Contains the colour palettes for DMC threads too. Purchase the app here.


Are you one of those cross stitchers who can never keep track of all your threads? This app allows you to keep track of which DMC colours you own. All the DMC colours (including the 27 new ones added in 2002) are shown in easy to access lists, with a colour image as well as a brief description. Available for Apple products here.

Cross Stitch Guild

The Cross Stitch Guild have their own app which combines several apps in one including:

– A Madeira, DMC and Anchor colour shade app.

– A colour convertor app for when you are buying from different brands.

– A stitch count calculator that allows you to calculate the fabric size you need.

 – Plus apps which allow you to track your stash make supplies lists and track UFOs (UnFinished Objects not the extraterrestrial kind!).

This app is available from both the Google Play store and iTunes store and you can find out more about it here:

Cross Stitch Fabric Calculator

This application helps cross stitchers determine what size fabric they need before starting a project. You enter your stitch count, the fabric thread count, and an optional border. You are then told what size fabric you will need for your project. Optionally, it also calculates the fabric size if you are stitching over two threads. 
Never buy the wrong size fabric again!! Available on iOS.


Patterns. Threads. Fabric. Embellishments. All part of the cross stitching stash – especially when you accidentally buy something for the second time because you couldn’t remember if you had it on hand. This app aims to help you keep track of what you own and what you need for your next pattern. Enter information directly into your phone or tablet, or type it up on your computer and import it! If you input the materials list for a pattern, you can mark it as kitted and the app will check your stash to see what supplies you don’t have on hand. Get it for Android here.

Cross Stitch Thread Organizer

Save the amount of different manufacturer’s threads in your inventory or add them to your shopping cart and search for threads that match a specific colour, or substitutions for that one thread you ran out of. Manage all your fabric and patterns; track the daily progress of your projects, assign the required threads and calculate the final size of your piece. Get it for Android here.

Thread Tracker 117

Thread Tracker 117 is a simple application designed to help you keep track of your DMC Art 117 Threads, it features all 488 colours in the Article 117 range + 36 417 variegated, including the latest colours. The application allows you to set ‘ownership status’ of ‘Don’t own, Do own, On Bobbin and Need to Buy’ per thread. Available for Apple devices here

Cross stitch app

Sewing Machines


This app provides a comprehensive reference to SCHMETZ needles for household sewing machines. Includes updated colour code information. This app will help you choose the right needle for your sewing application. Increase your sewing skill by learning about the various types of needles available. Get it here for Android.


Catering for quite a niche market FootBook is a guide to 90 different sewing machine feet for top loading Janome machines.  You get photos and text describing what each foot is and how to use it, plus videos demonstrating the foot in use.

Download the app here.


The Bernina app is now available for download for both Apple and Android phones. There’s plenty to find if, once you download the app, you head to the ‘Learn And Create’ section from the menu at the top. There you will find projects for you to try for yourself, free tips and downloads, and access to the Bernina blog and community.
To download, go to:

Apps for Purchasing Supplies

A couple of apps that may come in useful when either buying sewing supplies, or ordering handmade craft products are the Etsy App and the Not On The High Street App.   They could both allow you to do your Christmas shopping on the go.


The Etsy app allows you to shop from anywhere, and if you have an Etsy shop you can update it on the go too.  You can also use it to connect with members of the Etsy community.  It is available to download for free from both the Google Play store and iTunes.  Find out more on the Etsy site here.