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Sew on the Go

Sew on the Go

This article will help you sew on the go. It is a guide to handy sewing products and tutorials for taking your sewing supplies out of the house whether it’s for sewing groups or classes, or sewing on holiday or whilst travelling. I’m always looking for clever solutions for taking my sewing things with me, so here’s some of my favorites.

Travel sewing machine bag

Prym sewing trolley

This sewing trolley is ideal for transporting a heavy sewing machine, plus other supplies to classes and sewing groups. It’s all on wheels so you don’t have to lift the weight, and there’s a handy bag that goes on top so you can keep your fabric/habby/patterns with your machine.

At just over £80 it is certainly an investment, but if you go to a lot of sewing classes and groups you’ll be glad to have it. Read our full review here for more information.

Cutting mat travel bag seiwng project

Cutting mat workshop bag

This pre-cut friendly free project made is ideal for transporting an A3 cutting mat plus rulers keeping them together and the mat protected from damage. Find the full tutorial here.

quilter's travel case for carrying quilting supplies to workshops

Quilter’s Travel Case

These cases are like briefcases for stitchers. They have pockets for your various haberdashery items in the top half, each in its own place so they don’t get jumbled up during transport. The bottom can hold your fabric, or works in progress, and has a handy elastic fastening to keep them still and flat during transit. I use mine as a project bag – keeping the project, pattern and all the supplies I need to make it together in one place in a way that is easy to transport. Available to buy online or instore from Cotton Patch

One Hour basket sewing pattern review

One Hour Basket

This pattern, which costs less than £1, is perfect for storing or transporting fabric. You can fit well over 30 fat quarters into a basket, and the handles make it easy to carry with you when sewing away from home. I’ve made at least 10 of these, they come in so handy. My tip is that firm sew in interfacing gives the basket enough structure to stand up when empty. I found the iron in version creases when you turn it through and fusible fleece doesn’t give it quite enough body.

Buy the pattern here.

Spoolpod thread organiser


These silicone thread organisers keep a tight grip on your threads so they won’t spill out during transport (I’ve turned mine upside down and shaken it and still nothing fell out). They also allow you to store matching bobbins with your spools. Find them here for less than £5 each.

Prym needle twister

Needle Twister

This genius invention allows you to transport multiple needles in a magnetic case which you twist up to access the needles. The magnet stops any needles from falling out, and it’s a nice small size so you can easily fit it into your handbag if you like to do English Paper Piecing on the go. Buy it online here. 

Dumpling pouch free sewing pattern

Dumpling Pouch

This cute little round pouch is ideal for carrying your wonder clips, or small bits of haberdashery with you. You could fit the needle twister mentioned above into it easily, plus spools of thread, small snips etc. It’s a free tutorial from Michelle’s Creations, pictured above are some I made. 

Prym sewing backpack

Store and Travel Backpack

This handy backpack is designed to carry a laptop, fabric/works in progress plus haberdashery supplies all whilst leaving your hands free so you can carry your sewing machine too. There’s lots of pockets for holding your sewing supplies plus the bag is well padded for comfort.  Find out more on the Prym website or buy it in the UK here.

Travel sewing case project

Travel Sewing Case Project

This project is for a zippered case which has storage pockets for your sewing tools and a detachable notions holder which can easily be removed from the case. The outside of the case can be made using English paper piecing, patchwork or a single fabric. This travel sewing case is ideal for taking your hand sewing projects out and about, or for carry supplies to classes or sewing groups.

Find the free tutorial here: