SEo training for creative businesses

SEO training and website reviews for creative businesses

In the 11+ years that I’ve been running The Sewing Directory I have taught myself Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to get my website ranking well in the search engines without paying a penny. I attract a million unique visitors each year and hold over 100 number 1 rankings in Google and it costs me nothing! 

In the past I have written features on SEO for craft business magazines and websites, and have written a book which also contains a detailed chapter on SEO too. I’ve also delivered seo training to small businesses and large, as well as running seminars at trade shows and even at a conference at Oxford University.

However, many people have asked for my to review their website, and tell them exactly what changes they can make to boost their presence in the search engines. They want advice solely relevant to their business, not general SEO advice. They want  personalised SEO training to know how to improve their own SEO and monitor it going forward.

So I now offer a personalised SEO training and website review package which includes:

  1.  A detailed review of your website. You will receive an 8-12 page report which advises you which changes you can make to improve your SEO, and gives examples relevant to your particular business of how to write well optimised product pages or content.

  2. An hour long Zoom session in which I talk you through the report and show you examples on your website, and sometimes other websites. You also have the chance to ask questions.

  3. A 2nd hour long Zoom session in which I show you how to use Google Analytics and Google Search Console (both free tools) to monitor your Google rankings and website traffic going forward so you can see the benefits of your SEO work pay off. I will send guides on how to set these up in advance. 

Testimonials from former SEO training clients

I have worked with many creative businesses teaching them SEO over the last few years. Read testimonials from them below.

How to book your SEO training

If you would like to book SEO training please contact me using the form below. 

I only take 2 clients per month as the SEO reviews take several hours, but I’m happy to book several months in advance. 

The price is £350.