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Seascape Cushion Project

Seascape cushion project


This cushion project is perfect for bringing the focus onto a beautiful fabric panel such as the seascape panel from Studio E’s Nature Walk collection by Grace Popp. We used some co-ordinating fabrics from the same collection for patchworked borders but left the panel as the star of the show. This is a nice easy patchwork project, ideal for beginners.

 Nature Walk Fabrics from Studio E


1 fabric panel at least 18 inch squared

6 co-ordinating fat quarters for the front (you can use 2 fat quarters and 4 fat eights if you prefer)

1/2m of fabric for the back

We used Nature Walk by Grace Popp provided by EQS Ltd for our cushion.  Visit to find your local stockists of this collection.

26 x 26 inch cushion pad


Cutting fabric to sew a cushion 

Cutting instructions

Trim the panel to 18 inches square, for the panel we used that meant removing the borders.

Cut 2 pieces 18 inches wide by 4.5 inches high for the top and bottom borders. If using a directional print as we did make sure it faces the right way.

Cut 2 pieces 4.5 inches wide by 18 inches high for the side panels, again ensuring any directional print is the right way up.

Cut 16 x 2.5 inch squares using 4 different prints, 4 squares of each.

Cut 2 pieces 26 inches wide by 18 inches high from your backing fabric.


Seam allowance – ¼ an inch throughout apart from the final seams joining the front and back of the cushion when you should use 3/8 an inch.


Sewing instructions

Easy patchwork cushion project

Place your top border face down on the top of the panel, aligning the top edge of the panel with the bottom edge of the border fabric (your border print should be upside down now if it’s directional).  Use wonder clips or pins to hold it into place and sew together using a ¼ an inch seam.

Repeat this for the bottom panel completing the centre of the cushion. Press the seams then put it aside for the moment.

 Patchwork squares


Take 4 different 2.5 inch squares of fabric and decide on your layout. Then sew them together in a 2 x 2 square. Press the seams as you go to help it lie flat with a finger press or iron. 

Repeat for the remaining 12 squares, making another three 2 x 2 squares. You can repeat the lay out of the first square, or go for a random layout, whichever you prefer.


Large patchwork cushion tutorial 

Sew these 2 x 2 squares to the top and bottom of your side panel strips.

Attach the side panels onto either side of the centre panel. Press the whole cushion front.

 Seascape cushion project

If you would like to make this a quilted cushion cut a square of wadding an inch larger than your cushion front (ie. cut it 27 inches square). Baste the cushion front to the wadding and then quilt as desired. Trim any excess wadding from the edges once you have finished.

Put the whole cushion front aside for now.

 Double fold hem


Add a double fold hem to one of the 26 inch edges of each of your backing fabrics. I did this by folding the edge under by quarter an inch, pressing it into place then folding it over another quarter an inch and pressing again. This hides the raw edge, I used Wonder clips to hold it in place until I stitched it. If you are using directional prints make sure the edge is on the bottom of one fabric, and the top of another.

Place the top backing fabric face down on top of the cushion panel right sides together aligning the top and sides of both. Your double fold hem should be just below the middle of the cushion (not on the top edge).

Place the lower piece of backing fabric on the bottom of the cushion front, aligning the bottom edges and sides. The edge with the double fold hem should overlap the top backing piece. 


Envelope back on cushion


Pin or Wonder Clip the pieces into place and then sew right around the edge with a 3/8 an inch seam.  To stop the raw edges from fraying you can either go around the edge using an overedge stitch, or with an overlocker if you have one, or use pinking shears to cut around the entire edge.  Trim the corners then turn through.

Insert your cushion pad then your cushion is ready to snuggle up against on the sofa. 


Easy patchwork tutorial


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