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Scrappy Phone Case Project

By Fiona Pullen

Sew your scraps

I've been making a large quilt from Tula Pink fabrics and had a big pile of scraps left over which I didn't want to let go to waste.  So I decided to turn those scraps into a case for my new phone, which each time I look at it will also remind me of the quilt too.

What you need

An assortment of scraps

A fat 8th of fabric for lining

Wadding or iron on fleece

Note - Sew with quarter inch seams - a 1/4 inch foot is useful for this


Sewing projects for scraps

Start by cutting your scraps to the same width, I went for 1.5 inches so that after sewing I'd have 1 inch strips of scraps.  Vary the length between 1 inch and 2.5 inches.   Measure the width and length of your phone, add 1 inch to the width and 1 inch to the height to get the overall size of scrap fabric block that you need to make.

Sew the scraps together

Sew the scraps together along the width to strips at least the length you need (it doesn't matter if they are longer you will square it up later.)  To calculate the number of strips needed for your phone case you need deduct half an inch from the width of each strip (to remove the seam allowances) and then work out how many strips you need.  So if using fabric pieces 1.5 inches high like I did the strips will be 1 inch high when sewn.

Sew a quilte phone case


Once you have sewn all your strips, press them and then sew them together to make a rectangle of fabric like above.  Press the seams to make the fabric lie flatter, it will be quite bulky with that many seams in such a small space.

Making fabric from scraps

Lay your scrappy fabric flat on a cutting board and trim the edges to the exact size you need.  Now take out your lining fabric, cut this 1/2 an inch smaller than your main fabric width wise, and 1 inch larger on the height.  Also cut your wadding/fusible fleece to the same size as your scrappy fabric.

Quilted scrap phone case

Put all 3 layers together, with the extra lining fabric to the top of the phone case.  Take a look at your fabric prints and think about whether there is a specific way you want it to face when choosing which end will be the top.   Now you can quilt your case, I just stitched along the rows to quilt mine.

How to sew a protective case for your phone

Fold the lining fabric in half towards the front (so the right side of the fabric is facing forward), and them fold it down over to the front as per the photo above.  This will bind the raw edge, sew close to the edge to hold it in place.

Using scraps for your sewing projects

Fold your fabric in half right sides together and then overlock (or zig zag stitch) around the bottom and side.

How to make a padded phone case with your fabric scraps

Turn the case the right way around and pop your phone in! Now you have a unique padded phone case to protect your phone. Plus when you look at it you'll be reminded of the projects you sewed using the fabrics in it.

You can use the same tutorial to make a scrap case for a tablet or ipad too.

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