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Review of Madam Sew Presser Feet Set

Universal Presser Feet Set

If you are looking for a special gift for a sewer or for yourself, then the 32 piece presser foot set from Madam Sew may be just what you are looking for. 

The set comprises of 28 snap-on presser feet, compatible for any sewing machines that use snap-on feet plus four other feet that are attached with a screw-on fitting. These four feet (two darning feet, gathering foot and adjustable zipper foot) can only be used on a low-shank machine. For more on machine shank types see here.

The bonus low-shank adapter that comes as part of the set can be used if your low-shank machine uses screw-on feet (such as Pfaff). You can then use the snap-on feet in the set.

You will need to purchase a special adapter if you have a Bernina sewing machine. See here for more information. 

(It is always advisable to check that your machine is compatible and whether you will need an adapter before ordering the set).


What you get

The 32 feet are of excellent quality and come beautifully packaged in a plastic box. Each foot has its own cushioned slot numbered to correspond with the very informative booklet that you get with the set. 


Madam Sew informative video on presser feet

Each foot is briefly explained in the book plus there are informative videos available online once you’ve purchased the set or on the accompanying DVD with the set to show you how to attach and use each foot. There are some unusual feet in the set so this is very helpful! 

 I have a Janome MC7700QCP high-shank sewing machine and the snap-on feet fit and work fine on my machine. I tested a number of the feet with no problems. If you have a high-shank machine like mine, then the four screw-on feet won’t work on your machine unfortunately.

My machine came with a reasonable collection of feet as standard but this set includes around 15 extra snap-on feet that I did not have:

Applique Foot

Roller Foot

Braiding Foot

Beading Foot

Non-Stick Foot

Piping Foot

9-Groove Pintuck Foot

Knit Foot

Fringe Foot

5-Groove Pintuck Foot

Stitch Guide Foot

Cording Foot (2 sizes)

Flat Hem Foot

 Adjustable Bias Binder Foot

 Taking into consideration the cost of manufacturer’s sewing machine feet (typically upwards of £19 each), the extra 15 feet that are in this set represent excellent value for money. Even better value for money if you have a basic sewing machine with few feet or have an old second-hand sewing machine where some of the feet are missing!

This set represents great value for money and you will have a very complete set of sewing machine feet for all sorts of sewing possibilities. 

The set costs £53.92 including free UK delivery.