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Quilted Coin Purse Project

Quilted coin purse

This little quilted coin purse makes a great gift, it is also perfect for when you are using a small bag or want a purse that fits into your pocket. It is deceptively spacious, mine carries all my cards, notes (folded) and coins plus a lip balm and some pills. So they hold more than you would think, I now use it all the time instead of the large heavy purse I used to carry. I also found they sell well at craft fairs too, and use so little fabric you can keep the price affordable.

Free sewing projects using Art Gallery Fabrics


A fat eighth of fabric for the exterior and same for the lining (or 2 large scraps at least 8 x 11 inches)

I used fabrics from the Campsite collection from Art Gallery Fabrics provided by Hantex.

A 6 inch zip (or longer trimmed to size)

Fusible fleece or wadding 8 x 11inches, I used Vlieseline H630


Cutting Instructions

Exterior fabric – Cut 2 pieces 4 inches tall by 5.5 inches wide

Lining fabric – Cut 2 pieces 4 inches tall by 5.5 inches wide

Fusible fleece – Cut 2 pieces 4 x 5.5 inches

These purses are ideal for using fussy cut fabrics on the exterior. I use a quilters square to fussy cut so I can see the position of the print underneath.

Fussy cutting fabrics

Seam Allowance – All seams ¼ an inch

How to quilt

Step one

Iron your fusible fleece on to the back of your exterior fabrics. If using wadding you can spray glue, pin or wonder clip into place.

Quilt as desired. I quilted diagonal lines using the edge of the foot to guide the spacing between them. I love the texture it gives. If you prefer you can skip the quilting if using fusible fleece as the glue will hold the layers together.

Sewing a small zippered purse

Step two

Lay an exterior panel right side up (if using a directional print make sure your print is facing upwards). Place the zip on top facing downwards, then lay a lining panel on top facing downwards too. I’ve folded back the lining fabric in the photo to show you the order of the layers.

How to sew a zip

Stitch along the top. Open the fabrics and fold back the exterior fabric so the wrong sides of both fabrics are touching. Top stitch along the top near the zip to hold the layers in place.

Scrap busting sewing projects

Step three

Lay the remaining lining piece down facing right side up. Put the zip panel on top right side up and then add the exterior panel facing right sides down.  This should leave you with the right sides of the linings touching and the right sides of the exterior touching as per the photo above.

Sew along the top by the zip with a ¼ inch seam. Open out fabrics so each side of the zip you have 1 lining panel and 1 exterior panel. Top stitch the side which has not yet been top stitched.

Move the zip pull so the zip is ¾ open and trim off any excess zip tape.

Small quilting sewing patterns

Step four

Put the lining fabrics right side together and the exterior panels right sides together as per the image above. Pin or wonder clip around the edges to hold them together. Please note I have only left one end open to show you which fabrics should be touching, you should pin or clip all the way around.

Make sure your zip is still ¾ open at this point

Sew right around the edge leaving a 2 inch gap unstitched in the bottom of the lining. I tend to sew the lining pieces with a generous 1/4 inch seam and the exterior pices with a scant 1/4 seam so the lining is not baggy inside.

How to trim corners to reduce bulk when sewing

Clip the corners as shown above. Doing so removes excess fabric around the point making it easier to get a crisp corner when you turn through.

Pull the fabric right side out through the hole in the bottom of the lining. Stitch closed the hole in the lining.

Your quilted coin purse is ready to use. Why not make a few more as gifts, it’s great way to scrap bust.

For other scrap friendly sewing projects visit our free sewing projects page and click the scrap projects tag at the top of the page.