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Quilted bathmat project

This project is written by Emily Levey.  Emily has a passion for sewing and loves to share her knowledge and skills with others, teaching forgotten techniques in the hope students will find it as addictive as she does! She can always be found in her studio, surrounded by fabric, rustling up a new dress or working on her latest quilt. In addition to sharing tutorials and charting her shenanigans with fabric at Strawberry Patch Ramblings, Emily is a project presenter on Craft Daily TV and is working on her first book collaboration. Her work has been featured in many sewing and patchwork magazines.

Quilt as you go bathmat

Today Emily will be sharing her technique for making a quilt as you go bathmat. This is the perfect way to use up some leftover skinny strips from those awkwardly shaped FQ’s that have been cut into and best of all inject some colour into the bathroom!

How to sew a fabric bathmat


Supplies:Make It Coats - Coats Crafts UK

1 meter of cotton towelling

Selection of FQ’s or scraps - I used Lace Mountain by Zandra Rhodes kindly provided by Coats Crafts.

Co-ordinating thread

Tip - Prewash your towelling to prevent any shrinkage in your finished item.


1) Determine how big you want the bathmat to be, I used a store brought bath mat as a guide. Add a couple of inches to your measurements to allow for trimming and squaring up after the quilting. Cut from towelling and finish the edges, if you have an overlocker that is perfect, if not any seam finishing stitch or a zig zag on your machine will be fine. This will stop the terry shedding as you work with it.

Finishing the edges on towelling fabric


2) Cut a pile of strips from your FQ’s/scraps, in varying widths, with the length being at least as long as the width of your towelling piece.

Zandra Rhodes Lace mountain from Coats Crafts

3) Position your first piece in the centre of the towelling right side facing up, spray baste can be helpful here. Quilt the strip on, use a longer than usual stitch length, I used 3.5 and quilted straight lines at random intervals. You may choose to use a decorative stitch here. If you have a walking foot it is invaluable for preventing the layers from moving around.

How to sew a quilt as you go bath mat


4) Add a second strip, place it right sides together with the first strip, aligning the edges and sew a  1/4” seam.


Quilting projects for the home


5) Now flip the second piece over so that the right side is facing up and quilt it on to the towelling as you did for the first piece.


How to make a quilt as you go bathmat


6) Add a third strip, this time the other side of the first, repeating the process you did for the second strip.


Quilt as you go tutorial


7) Continue to add strips on either side until you have covered the towelling.

Quilted bathmat tutorial


8) Trim the quilted piece (19” x 37”) and finish the edges as you did before. Cut a second piece of towelling to the same dimensions and finish the edges on this piece also.

Quilted bathmat made with towelling fabric


9) Put the quilted piece and the plain towelling piece right sides together and pin around all four edges.


Sewing the backing onto your bath mat


10) Using a 1/2” seam allowance and leaving a 6” gap in one of the long edges stitch all the way around, making sure to back stitch at the start and end to secure your stitches.


11) Clip the corners and turn the right way out. Tuck in the edges of the turning gap and press well. Topstitch around 1/4” away from the edge all the way around the bath mat to close your turning gap. It is advisable to use a heavyweight thread and a topstitch needle here and go slowly because of all the layers. If your machine cannot handle the thickness simply hand stitch the opening closed.

Zandra Rhodes fabric bathmat by Emily Levey


12) It is a good idea to stitch in the ditch along a few of the seam lines to anchor the second piece of towelling on the back to your quilted piece.

Quilted bathmat quilting projects with Zandra Rhodes fabrics from Coats Crafts


Tip - It is important to clean your machine thoroughly after sewing with the towelling.


Now run a bath, light some candles and relax!

Quilt as you go bathmat project by Emily Levey

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