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Quilt Blocks Directory

Directory of different quilt blocks

On The Sewing Directory we have lots of quilt block tutorials, either as part of projects or just stand alone tutorials. We have bought them all into one place on this page, sorted by size from largest to smallest to help you find the perfect block for your projects.

If you want to re-size any of the blocks please read our guide to scaling quilt blocks.


Block sizes: 4 inches5 inches6.5 inches7.5 inches, 9.5 inches, 10.5 inches11 inches12.5 inches, 18 inches


18 inch Quilt Blocks

Dresden plate quilt block tutorial

Dresden Plate Block - 18.5 inches unfinished


12.5 inch Quilt Blocks

Royal Cross Block

Simplified Royal Cross - 12.5 inches unfinished

Christmas Tree Quilt Block tutorial

Christmas Tree Quilt Block - 12.5 inches finished size


4 patch quilt block tutorial

 4 Patch Quilt Block with Border - 12.5 inches unfinished


Nine patch quilt block tutorial

 Nine Patch Quilt Block - 12.5 inches unfinished


Scrap blocks - quilting tutorials 
Mini Charm Scrap Blocks - 12.5 inches unfinished

Ray of Light quilt block

Ray of Light Block - 12.5 inches unfinished


Sew a strings patchwork block

Strings Block - 12.5 inches unfinished


Sewing 12.5 inch patchwork blocks

Broken Dishes Block - 12.5 inches unfinished

 Pattern for Flying Geese quilt block

Flying Geese Block - 12.5 inches unfinished


Make a sawtooth star quilt block

Sawtooth Star Block - 12.5 inches unfinished


How to sew a log cabin quilt block

Log Cabin Block - 12.5 inches unfinished


Triangular quilt blocks

Pinwheel Block - 12.5 inches unfinished


Economy Square quilt block

Economy Square Block - 12.5 inches unfinished


Sew an hourglass quilt block

 Hour Glass Block - 12.5 inches unfinished


How make a Courthouse steps quilt block

Courthouse Steps Block - 12.5 inches unfinished

Bento Box Block

Bento Box Block - 12.5 inches unfinished


10.5 inch quilt blocks

10 inch economy block tutorial from The Sewing Directory

Large economy block - 10.5 inches unfinished


11 inch Quilt Blocks

11 inch quilt block

Hexie Log Cabin Block - 11 inches finished

9.5 inch Quilt Blocks

Improv log cabin block tutorial

Improv Log Cabin Block - 9.5 inches unfinished


7.5 inch Quilt Blocks

Cotton spool quilt block

Cotton Spool Block (rectangular) - 7.5 inches wide by 6 inches high unfinished 


Bear Paw 7.5 inch block

Bear Paw Block - 7.5 inches unfinished


6.5 inch Quilt Blocks 

Churn Dash 6.5 inch block

Churn Dash Block - 6.5 inches unfinishedFoundation pieced block

Freshly Squeezed Foundation Paper Piecing - 6.5 inches unfinished


Wine o clock FPP block

Wine-O-Clock Foundation Paper Piecing - 6.5 inches unfinished


Improv quilt blocks - Wonky crosses

Wonky Cross block tutorial - 6.5 inches unfinished

5 inch Quilt Blocks

House block quilt tutorial

House block - 5 inches unfinished


Cathedral Window instructions

  Cathedral Window Blocks - 5 inch square


4 inch Quilt Blocks

Formal Garden block

Formal Garden Block - 4.5 inches unfinished


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Projects to use quilt blocks