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Prym Lamp Reviews

Prym lamp reviews

Our Prym lamp reviews will take you through 4 of the latest craft lamps available from Prym and help you discover which is the best for you.

A good lamp can make a huge difference to your crafting. It makes it easier to see the detail of your work, and prevents eye strain. Plus, several lamps include magnifying options which are ideal for fiddly work like embroidery, beading etc.

Prym have recently released several new craft lamps so we decided to try them out to see what the differences are and which lamps are best for what use.  

Prym craft lights

Magnifying Glass with Lamp and Base


Size – Desk lamp – Base is approx. 7 inches square, height 13 inches

Plug type – UK

Magnifier – Yes

Brightness – 12w


This lamp has a neck you can adjust up and down and a head that swivels side to side and up and down making it easy to direct the light where you need it. It’s quite compact so would easily fit on a small desk. It is essentially a large magnifying glass with a ring of light around it. It provides a nice bright white light which illuminates around a 15 inch square area under it.

Magnifying craft lamp

There’s a lid which covers the top so the magnifying glass will stay clean when not in use, and to prevent the risk of fire (from sun light shining through it). Flipping the lip also means you can use it as a normal desk lamp. The magnifying lens has a small circle towards the bottom which magnifies even further if you want to see more detail.

It’s fairly lightweight so you could easily move it to another room/location. But the base is weighted to make sure the lamp doesn’t topple when you pull it towards you or adjust the head.

Prym desk lamp with magnifier

Key benefits:

Small, easy to move and nice bright light.

Craft lamp with table clamp

LED Magnifying glass with lamp and clamp


Size – Big – Arm is around 36 inches

Plug – European – you will need an adapter (they cost under £5)

Magnifier – Yes

Brightness – 9w

This lamp is quite large, the arm is around 36 inches so you can easily extend it across a large work area. It attaches using a clamp, so you could clamp it to a table/desk, or to a bookcase or shelf above your work space. It has adjusters half way along the arm, and just before the end allowing you to put it into multiple positions. It also swivels at the base where it fits into the clamp so it really is very easy to get the light in the place you want it.


Best desk lights for sewing

Because you can position it quite high up it can illuminate a much larger area than the desk lamp reviewed above. Although the wattage is a little lower than the desk lamp it looks just as bright to me.

It has a large magnifying lens which gives you double magnification. As with the previous lamp the light is a ring around the magnifier, and it has a lens cap so you can cover the lens when it’s not being used.

Prym craft lights reviewed

Key benefits – Lights up a large area and is easy to manoeuvre

Folding LED craft light

LED Folding lamp with suction base

Size – Small/desk size

Plug – USB or European

Magnifier – No

Brightness – Adjustable – 36 LEDS

This is a really lightweight portable lamp. Unlike the first desk lamp in this feature it does not have a weighted base so it’s much lighter for carrying around. But to prevent it from toppling when in use it has a suction base instead so you can stick it to your work surface.

The suction is very strong so you don’t have to worry about accidentally knocking it over. It takes a fair pull to peel it off the table. I even tried sticking it to the wall above my table and the suction is enough to support the weight of the lamp at that angle too.

Suction base craft light from Prym

Unlike the clamp lamp above you do not need a European adapter to use this light (although of course you can if you have one). Because it has a USB you can plug it into a phone or tablet charger and use that. Or into your computer if you have one nearby.  I used my Kindle charger and it worked perfectly. You do get a USB to European adapter in the box.

I did spend a few panicked seconds wondering where the switch is and then realised it’s right at the tip of the lamp. You just touch the top with your hand and the light turns on. There’s 3 levels of brightness, touch the same spot again to increase the brightness, or to turn off.

It’s a LED light but not as bright as the other 2 lamps mentioned above. I tried it on a very gloomy overcast day and I found the first 2 levels of brightness were not enough for me, but the brightest light was.

Movement wise it doesn’t have the same range as the 2 lamps above, you can lift the head up and down, or pull it forwards and backwards but you can’t swivel either the whole lamp, or just the head side to side. But then it is light and easy to move so you could just move the whole light to get the angle you desire.

Folding lamp with suction

Key benefits – Very light weight and portable – ideal travel lamp. 

Stockists – You can find Prym lamps online at Minerva CraftsEmpress Mills or Amazon.

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