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Printed Words Cushion Project

Printed words cushion project

This project has been sponsored by Prinfab, who specialise in  printing your own designs onto high quality fabrics.

You can create your own individual spiral words cushion cover using a spiral words generator, some simple  editing tools and uploading your image to Prinfab for printing. The possibilities for different words are endless – here’s what we did!

Open a free application that creates a word spiral. You can search for spiral word generators – we used Festisite that creates a spiral for you here.

 In the box below the spiral, type in a string of words related to sewing, patchwork etc. or your chosen subject, and then copy the words to repeat the string multiple times to get a pleasing spiral design. 

Beneath the words generator box, select ‘Printable Document’ and then this gives you options below to choose a font – we used Helvetica size 22 and chose to download as A3 size. 

Design your own text print fabric

This is how the image appears when you download the generated words. It is a PDF file.


You now need to prepare the design for printing. You can do this in Adobe Photoshop if you have this. Alternatively you can download an excellent free image editing program called GIMP that is quick and easy to install  – we include the instructions for editing GIMP in brackets in the following steps.

 1. Open Adobe Photoshop (install and open GIMP).

2. Open the PDF file in Adobe Photoshop. Enter 300 DPI as a the resolution and check to ensure the colour mode is RGB (in GIMP, select Image>Print Size and set to 300 DPI. Check Image>Mode is selected as RGB).

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3. Go to Image > Image to resize the image to fit an area measuring 70cm x 50cm (in GIMP go to Image>Scale Image and set the size width and height to 50cm x 70cm and select cm in the drop down box. Make sure the resolution X and Y are both 300 DPI. Then hit ‘Scale’ to activate the changes).

 4. Save the edited file as a TIFF file (in GIMP, you will need to save as a GIMP .xcf image and then click File>Export and choose TIFF file extension from the drop-down selection box). 

5. Go to the Prinfab website.

Custom fabric printing from Prinfab

6. Select the Create tab. 

7. Upload the TIFF file you createdWe chose the Organic Cotton Half Panama fabric leaving the scale at 100% and repeat at none on a Fat Quarter size 50cm x 70cm fabric.

8. Order your fabric and wait for it to arrive!

If you need assistance, Prinfab can provide help and advice.

We printed two identical panels to make a simple cushion cover with a hand sewn closure by stitching around three sides, right sides facing and leaving a gap in the fourth side to insert the cushion pad and then slipstitch the cushion cover closed with small invisible stitches.

You can learn more about making simple cushion covers here.