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Improv Patchwork Cushion Project

Improv patchwork cushion project

This improv patchwork cushion project has been designed by Little Miss Fancy Frocks – the dynamic mother-daughter duo who lovingly create handcrafted clothing for adults and children. Visit their Facebook page here.

Minerva Crafts have kindly provided the materials for this project. Visit them for all your sewing and crafting needs.

This pretty crazy patchwork cushion is the perfect project for children and newcomers to sewing. Lots of practice using scissors, sewing straight lines and using an iron. A lovely way of using those beautiful scraps of fabric you simply cannot throw away.

Scrappy cushion project

40cm of 112 cm wide cotton fabric, for the back of the cushion and to frame the front of the cushion

4 squares of plain cotton fabric 16cm x 16cm, to support the crazy patchwork

1 cushion pad 35cm x 35cm

Sewing thread

Scraps of fabric for the crazy patchwork


Use a 1cm seam throughout.


Note from the Sewing Directory 

If you use wadding instead of fabric as the base you can make a quilt as you go cushion. Read our guide to quilt as you go for more information on this technique. 

How to make a patchwork cushion

 To Sew

 Cut 2 pieces (26cm x 38cm for the back of the cushion)

Cut 2 pieces (6cm x 30cm for the top and bottom edges of the front cushion)

Cut 2 pieces (6cm x 38cm for the side edges of the front cushion)

How to hem fabric

 Fold over the longer edge (38cm) on each back piece by 1cm and press. Fold over 1cm again and press. Machine stitch the folded edge.

How to do improv patchwork

Cut a piece of fabric and place in the centre of a cotton square.

The easiest shape to work with has four irregular sides.

Scrappy improv patchwork

Select the next piece ensuring it is the same length as the side you are going to attach it to.

Beginner's guide to crazy patchwork

Stitch the second piece in place. Press the patchwork open.

Quilt as you go cushion

Stitch the second piece in place. Press the patchwork open.

Improv patchwork technique guide

Select the next piece of fabric and work in the same manner as the first. You can see the patchwork being created to cover the square of cotton fabric.

If the pieces you add extend over the cotton square you can trim them using the cotton square as a guide.

Crazy patchwork

Here are four completed squares.

How to do improv patchwork

 Stitch two squares together. Then attach to the other two squares.

Scrap cushion tutorial

Stitch the top and bottom sections to the patchwork. Then add the side pieces.

How to sew an envelope back scrap cushion

Place the back of the cushion over the front of the cushion, right sides together and pin.

How to make an envelope back cushion

Place the second back piece in position. It will overlap the first piece to give an envelope opening. Stitch in place and clip the corners. Turn the right way and insert the cushion pad.

Crazy patchwork pillow tutorial for beginners

Then your improv patchwork cushion is finished.

If you enjoyed making the cushion you could use the same method to work a much larger piece to make a quilt like the one shown below. A brilliant way to bust your scrap stash! 

Free improv quilt pattern