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Pretty Lavender Bag Project

Pretty lavender bag project

This pretty lavender bag project has been written by Pippa Blackler.  She has written a series of soft furnishing tutorials for this site here.

Pretty Hanging Lavender  Bags

September is the start of early autumn and gently preparing for winter, time to pack away summer dresses and linen.   With the night’s drawing in and a slight chill in the air, there is the anticipation of cooler months ahead and the joy of wrapping up warm in jumpers and blankets.   At this time of year I always find a few happy hours on my sewing machine to run up a fresh supply of lavender bags and sachets for my home.  I fill them with deliciously scented lavender that I have dried and collected from the garden over the summer.  Lavender is the perfect natural deterrent to protect your clothes and linens from common household moths.


A selection of cotton and linen fabrics (Terry’s Fabrics have some nice furnishing weight fabrics)


Ribbon or cord



Fabrics for making lavender bags

Step 1

Decide on the approximate finished size of your lavender bags.  I have made my bags long and thin (5cm wide x 16cm long), so that they can neatly tuck within the folds of curtains.   I have also used contrasting fabrics together to add interest.

Cut material for making little bags

Step 2

You will need two rectangles of fabric for each bag.  Cut out your rectangles of fabric in your finished size, adding an additional 1cm seam allowance all the way round with 1.5cm on the top edge.  If you are patching different fabrics together, sew these together first and then cut out the finished rectangles with seam allowance.

Step 3

Lay your rectangle of fabric flat, with the right side of the fabric facing down.  Fold over a 1cm seam along the side and bottom edges of the rectangle. 

Step 4

Fold over the top edge with a 1.5cm seam.  Then tuck under the remaining 0.5cm to create a neatly folded pocket.

Sewing a channel for cord
Making a casing on a bag

Step 5

Now you will need to machine stitch along the width of the folded pocket, leaving the ends free to thread the ribbon.  

Step 6

Place the two rectangles of fabric together, with the right side of the fabric uppermost and the 1cm hems tucked neatly inside.  Pin together.  

Stuffing a lavender bag

Step 7

Starting just below the seamed pocket, stitch around and along the bottom of the bag, finishing just below the opposite end of the seamed pocket.

Thread cord for drawstring

Step 8

Cut a length of cord or ribbon, approximately 60cm – 100cm, depending on how long you want your bags to hang.  Using a safety pin push your chosen cord or ribbon through the pockets to create the tie.

Step 9

Fill your bag with lavender and a bit of stuffing.  Tie the bags neatly and find a suitable place to hang!

These scented lavender bags hang beautifully behind curtains, just discreetly hook or tie them onto the back of your curtain rings.  

Hanging lavender bags