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Preparing an embroidery for framing

How to frame an embroidery

Preparing an embroidery for framing – This method works for any embroidery that you want to stretch in preparation for framing.


You will need:

Finished embroidery


Soft towel

Foam board

Craft knife or old rotary cutter saved for paper


Pins or Wonder Clips

Strong thread for lacing

Masking tape

How to press an embroidery

Take care and gently press your embroidery. I placed my embroidery face down on a soft towel and pressed gently on the back with a warm iron to press out the main creases.

How to frame an embroidery picture

Decide on the amount of edge you want to leave for your finished embroidery. I am going to have a mount around the picture so added a reasonable border. Remember, if you are using a ready-made standard sized frame to make the foam board the same size as the aperture of the frame leaving it just slightly smaller to allow for the bulk of the fabric.

Mount board for an embroidery

Take your foam board and mark out the dimensions of the embroidery design plus the border you are leaving. I marked the cutting lines in pencil on my board.

Trimming a mount board for an embroidery

Using your ruler and knife, or spare old rotary cutter to score and cut the foam board to size.

The easy way to frame an embroidery

Place the embroidery over the foam board and centre it by measuring the border. I placed a pin at each corner of the embroidery design just to hold it in place.

How to attach an embroidery to a mount board

Stretch and hold the edges of the fabric in place using pins placed into the edge of the foam board or large Wonder Clips to secure it all in place as you lace the back. Take a long piece of strong thread and secure in place. Working from the centre, take the thread from centre to edge and pulling taut as you go until you reach one side. Repeat for the other side. I then secured the lacing on the back with some masking tape to hold it in place.

Repeat for the other edges. As you reach the sides, you may want to mitre the fabric in the corners for a neat finish. Fold the fabric as shown.

Framing an embroidery

Secure the mitred corners with some stitches as shown.

How to display an embroidery project in a frame

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