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This project has been designed by Little Miss Fancy Frocks – the dynamic mother-daughter duo who lovingly create handcrafted clothing for adults and children, bespoke bridal and occasion wear, as well as sharing their skills through sewing and craft classes. Visit their Facebook page here.


Minerva Crafts have kindly provided the materials for this project. Visit them for all your sewing and crafting needs.

Playtime Bunny Buddies Project

Make some playtime bunnies



Use our simple pattern and step by step instructions to make these playtime buddy bunnies. The children have adopted them and named them Smoothy (pink rabbit) and Scraggy (grey rabbit). What will your children name them?


You will need... 

Supplies for making toys

To make one rabbit toy:

  • 30cm fleece fabric or fur fabric (150cm wide)
  • 2 eyes
  • Stuffing
  • Grey felt for paws, pads and ears
  • White felt scraps for eyes and tooth
  • Black embroidery thread for facial details
  • Sewing thread
  • Pattern 1 - please download the pattern and save to your own computer then print from there
  • Pattern 2 - please download the pattern and save to your own computer then print from there
(Note:when printed each square on the pattern should measure 1cm square - please check your printer is set to print the pattern at 100%)

You will also need a sewing machine, a pair of scissors, pins, erasable pen and a hand sewing needle.

1cm seam allowance used throughout.




Cut 4 in main fabric



Cut 4 in main fabric



Cut 4 in main fabric


Back head

Cut 1 in main fabric


Front head

Cut 1 in main fabric


Side head

Cut 2 in main fabric



Cut 2 in fabric and 2 in contrast


Arm pad

Cut 2 in contrast






Pattern pieces for rabbit

1. Lay the pattern pieces on the fabric, remember the body, arms and legs require four pieces.


Front head

2. Pin the front side of the head to the main head piece, matching the notches. Machine stitch in place.

Making animal eyes and face

3. Using the template as a guide cut out the eyes and tooth in white felt and hand stitch in position with matching thread.


Rabbit face

 4. Screw the eyes in place. Using embroidery thread hand stitch the facial features with a simple back stitch.

Dart in head of rabbit toy

5. Stitch the dart on the back of the head.



Bunny ears

6. Right sides together stitch the ears and turn right side out.

 Pleated rabbit ears

7. Pleat the felt only and lay on top of the fleece and stitch across the ends of each ear.


Sew ears on

8. Place the felt side of the ears to match the notches on the right side of the front head and machine stitch in place.


Main Body

Main rabbit bodies

9. Stitch two body sections together to form a front body and stitch two body sections together to form the rear body.


Attache heads to bodies

10. Stitch the back head to one of the bodies and stitch the front head to the other body.


Arms and Legs

Rabbit arms and legs to sew

11. Stitch the pads onto the paws by hand or machine.
12. With right sides together stitch around each arm and leg and turn right side out. Stuff and machine stitch across the end of each leg and arm.


Adding arms to rabbit toy

13. Stitch the arms in place at the top of the front body.

Sew bodies together

14. Stitch the front of the body to the back of the body. Make sure you enclose the ears and arms inside.


Legs attached to bunny body

 15. Stitch the legs to the front of the rabbits body.
16. Stuff the head and body.


Finish sewing rabbit toy

 17. Turn under the lower edge of the back body (1cm) and hand stitch in place encasing the legs.

Finished bunny toys

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