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Zipped Pouch Project

Debbie Shore Pouch Project

This zipped pouch project is from Debbie Shore’s Half Yard Heaven 10 year anniversary edition book.  This revised edition includes 26 fun projects for beginners, including 7 projects which have been reimagined and reworked. 

Whether for make-up, hair accessories or sewing notions, this large, zipped pouch makes perfect storage, and what a lovely gift idea! The piping between the top and base fabrics adds interest and gives the pouch a shop-bought look. I bought pre-made piping, but you could always make your own piping.

What you need

27 x 8in (68.5 x 20.5cm) outer fabric

41 x 14in (104 x 35.5cm) lining fabric

14in (35.5cm) zip

5in (13cm) of 1/8in (3mm) wide ribbon

28 x 14in (71 x 35.5cm) fusible fleece

28in (71cm) of 1/8in (3mm) ready-made piping (or make your own)

How to use piping on a pouch

1 Cut two outer pieces, each measuring 13½ x 8in (34.25 x 20.5cm). Fuse fleece to the wrong side of each piece. Sew the piping to the bottom of each piece – use the zipper foot on your machine so that you can sew close to the cord.

How to sew a pouch

2 Cut two lining pieces, each measuring 13½ x 4in (34.25 x 10cm). Fuse fleece to the wrong side of each piece. Draw 45-degree diagonal lines in a grid pattern using an erasable marker pen, 2in (5cm) apart.

3 Sew along the lines to quilt. These are your two ‘base’ pieces.

4 Sew a base piece to the bottom of an outer fabric piece, right sides together, along the side with the piping cord. Cut a 1½in (4cm) square from the bottom two corners of the base piece. Repeat for the other outer and base pieces.

Debbie Shore zipped pouch pattern free

5 Use this as a template to cut two pieces from lining fabric.

6 Trim the zip to 11in (28cm) in length, cutting the metal stoppers from each end. Cut four 2in (5cm) squares from lining fabric. Sew two squares to each end of the zip, right sides facing, with the zip in between.

How to sew a bag with a zip

7 Fold the fabric squares back and press, then trim to the same width as the zip.

Simple pouch project for beginners

8 Place the zip, facing downwards and with raw edges aligned, centrally at the top of one outer piece. Sew in place, using the zipper foot on your machine.

Sewing a pouch with a zip

9 Sew the opposite side of the zip to the remaining outer piece in the same way. Trim the ends of the zip tabs to the width of the pouch.

Sew a lined pouch with a zip

10 Sew the lining pieces to the opposite sides of the zip in the same way.

11 Press, then sew all around the zip.

12 Open out so that the outer and lining pieces are sitting right sides together, open the zip, and then sew all round the edge, leaving the cut-out corners unsewn and leaving a turning gap in the lining of about 3in (7.5cm). Pull open the cut-out corners and sew straight across them to make the bag base square.

13 Turn right side out and sew the opening closed.

Zipped pouch project with piping

To find out more about Half Yard Heaven 10 year anniversary edition book visit the Search Press website or click the book cover image below.