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This project is written by sewing author Laura Strutt who blogs at Made PeachyLaura is a designer maker and the author of a number of craft book. For more details on books visit Amazon Author Central.

Fashion FormulaThe project is sponsored by Fashion Formula for all your fabric printing needs. 

Photo Panel Cushion Cover

Make a printed photo cushion

What could be a cuter gift for Mother’s Day than this super cute custom printed cushion?

You will need...

Materials for photo cushion


Photo printed panel - choose a favourite image and upload it to Fashion Formula - your own image can be printed onto fabric to create a custom panel - follow the step-by-step guide on the website to upload your chosen photograph, select your fabric finish and dimensions to place your order.

 Printed cotton for the borders and back of cushion

Cushion Pad


Tip: Lighter, brighter photographs usually work better for creating custom panels such as these - remember if you are concerned about your image you can always edit and adjust the image prior to uploading using photo editing software.

 Tip: Fashion Formula offer a range of different finishes on fabrics to which they print, including pima lawn, cotton, poplin, canvas and linen - to name but a few! If you are combining a printed panel with other fabrics, as in this project, try to match the weight as best as possible as this will give a neater finish to the completed project.

Note: This cushion was made to accommodate a 40cm cushion pad -  to create a snug cover, leaving the cushion quite puffy, trim the pieces to 2cm larger than the cushion pad - this way you can create the custom photo panel cushion cover in any size!

 Work with a 1cm seam allowance throughout.



1. Trim the Photo Panel

Trimming the printed photo

Using scissors, or rotary cutter and ruler, trim the printed photo panel to create a neat and even border around the image ensuring that you include a 1cm seam allowance on each side.

2. Add Upper and Lower Borders

Adding borders

Using the scissors, or rotary cutter and ruler, cut two strips to add to the upper and lower portions of the photo panel. These need to be cut to create a piece that measures 2cm in height more than the pad - whilst including a 1cm seam allowance. The height of this panel is 42cm when stitched with a 1cm seam allowance.


3. Add Side Borders

Adding side borders

In the same manner, trim two strips to add to the side of the panel, including seam allowances. Once stitched press the seams towards the darker fabrics. Here the stitched panel measures 42cm square.


4. Trim the Backing Fabric

Trim backing fabric for cushion

Using the scissors, or rotary cutter and ruler, cut the two backing pieces for the cushion. These need to be the same width as the cushion back and measure two thirds of the height.

5. Stitch the Backing Panels

Hem cushion back pieces

Create a 1cm double fold hem along one of the long edges and press neatly in place. Work a line of neat stitching along the fold to hold in place. Repeat to add an identical hem to the second backing piece.


6. Construct the Cushion Cover

Construct a cushion cover

With right side uppermost, lay the bordered photo panel flat and place one of the backing pieces on top with the right sides facing and the raw edges aligned. Place the second backing fabric on top in the same way - the hemmed edges will be overlapped at the centre of the cushion and will form the opening. With a 1cm seam allowance, stitch around the outer edge of the cushion to join together.


7. Insert the Cushion Pad

Finished cushion with photo

Clip the seam allowance at the corners to neaten and draw the cushion cover through to the right side through the overlapped section at the opening. Insert the cushion into the cover.


Completed photo cushion


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