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This project is sponsored by Gutermann who kindly supplied the fabrics we used.

Pencil Case Sewing Project

Sew a simple pencil case

Perfect for holding all your pens and pencils and ideal to sew for the kids' school bags in their favourite fabrics! Quick and simple to sew.


You will need...

Gutermann Circus fabrics

Fat eighth of fabric for outer case - we used two different fabrics from the Gutermann 'Circus' range (find a stockist here)

Fat eighth of fabric for the lining - Gutermann 'Circus'

Zip at least 9” long



1/4 inch seam allowance used throughout unless otherwise stated.

How to resize a zip

If your zip is too long you can shorten it. Mark 1/2 inch from the edge of the fabric piece you want to use – for this project where the zip measures 8 1/2 inches. Set up your machine to do a wide zig-zag with a very short length and check the needle won’t hit the zip teeth by using your hand to turn the sewing machine wheel. Stitch a few times to make a new zip stop and then cut the zip at the 9 inch point.

To Sew

Cut fabrics for pencil case

Cut the fabrics as follows –

2 pieces 5 1/2 x 9 inches wide for pencil case outer (we used two different fabrics)

2 pieces 5 1/2 x 9 inches wide for lining

 Attach zip to front of pencil case

Take your zip and place it right sides together onto the long edge of one of the main fabric pieces. Attach your zip foot and stitch the zip to the fabric.


Zip attached to outer fabrics

Repeat for the other main piece of fabric and attach the other half of the zip.


Add lining to zip edge

Place a piece of lining fabric with right side down on top of the main fabric piece (wrong side up), sandwiching the zip between the two pieces, then sew along the same line as before.

Adding lining to a zipped pouch

Do the same for the second piece of lining.


Topstitch the stitched edge

Topstitch close to the top of the pencil case on both sides to secure the layers.


Sew pencil case

Open the zip about half way and then fold the pencil case with right sides together for both the outer case and the lining, making sure the zip teeth are folded towards the lining.

Leave a 2-3 inch gap at the lining edge and then stitch all the way around the pencil case.

Clip the corners avoiding the stitching.

Turn out the pencil case and poke the corners with a turning tool.


Slipstitch the top edge closed

Secure the lining edge by folding the edges in and slipstitch the edge – I like to do this by hand. Alternatively, stitch on your machine to close the gap.

Push the lining inside the pencil case and it’s finished!


Sew a simple pencil case

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