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Pencil Case Project

Pencil case project

Follow the instructions below to whip up this quick pencil case project in time for the kids to go back to school, or to store your own stationery in. You can make it using jersey or quilting cotton to sew a unique pencil case.  This project was provided by Vlieseline, manufactuers of quality waddings, interfacings and interlinings. 

Pencil cases to sew


Cut 9 inch squares of your exterior fabric, lining, interfacing and wadding. 

We used Vlieseline soya mix wadding, but they have a range of other waddings and fusible fleece products you could use here.

We used their H609 fusible interling as it has a slight stretch ideal for using with jersey fabric. If you are using quilting cotton we’d recommend their F220 lightweight fusible interfacing. 

One 9 inch lace zip


Fusing interfacing


Iron the interfacing onto the wrong side of the fabric following the manufacturer’s instructions. 

Sew a pencil pouch

Using a seam allowance of just under 1/4 an inch stitch the wadding to the fabric by sewing around the outside edge. Alternatively you could quilt the fabric and wadding together. If you are using fusible fleece just fuse the fleece to the back of the fabric. 


Lined pencil case tutorial

Pin the lining onto the right side of the jersey fabric, right sides together. Sew along two opposite sides of the fabric using a quarter an inch seam allowance. 

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Sustainable fabrics


Vlieseline waddings

Trim away any wadding in the seam allowance and turn through so the fabrics are facing right sides out. 

Sewing with a lace zip

Pin the zip on the two wrong sides of the fabric and sew one side of the zip into place. 

Sew with a zip

Now pin and stitch the second side of the zip into place

Learn to sew

Turn the pencil case inside out, so the right sides of the fabric are touching inside and pin both ends. Sew the two ends closed using a 1/4 an inch seam allowance.

Reduce the bulk in wadding

Trim the wadding from the seam allowance to reduce bulk. Fold the raw edges inwards and sew again very close to the edge to trap the raw edges between the layers. Alternatively you can zigzag or overedge stitch along the raw edges to prevent fraying.  


Turn pencil case back to the right side, it is now ready for use!

Pencil case project

for other sewing projects for children, including other back to school projects visit our projects page and click the ‘children’ tag.