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Lilly*Blossom Beginners Cushion Cover Sewing Pattern

Lilly*Blossom Envelope Cushion Cover Sewing Guide Review

Lilly*Blossom was set up by Helen Newton in 2007 and has produced a collection of sewing and craft patterns have been created with beginners in mind. Each one has easy to follow step-by-step instructions in straight forward language, illustrated with lots of close up photographs. They like to create beautiful yet practical items from the best quality designer fabrics and have therefore developed a range of PDF sewing guides to share the simple methods and ideas used to create these beautiful items.


Lilly*Blossom Cushion Covers

The envelope cushion cover sewing guide has been designed to show how to create simple, easy to sew both 16” and 18” square cushion covers. This envelope style (with no zip) cushion cover will quickly and easily add a splash of colour to any room. The guide for this project has straight forward step-by-step instructions with close up photographs used to illustrate every step. This project is suitable for anyone with basic sewing skills and experience of using a sewing machine.

Each cushion requires less than 1m of fabric  matching thread to complete. The guide shows how to cut out the fabric using simple shapes, with no fiddly measuring, how to hem, place and pin the three main fabric pieces. It also teaches you how to neaten seams, trim corners and hem the envelope closure.

Batman Cushion Front
Batman Cushion Back

Despite the fact that I’ve been sewing for quite a few years and can make complicated garments I’ve never actually made a cushion cover! So although I’m not a beginner to sewing I am a cushion cover novice. After shortening a pair of my Batman obsessed nephew’s curtains I decided to give my first ever cushion cover a go with the remnant and a spare 18” cushion pad. I found the instructions to be very easy to follow, wel

l designed, laid out and very well written. The colour photos with each step by step were very useful in ensuring that I was following it correctly.  Although I didn’t need them there were some great tips for those new to sewing seams and loved the fact that the instructions were through enough to include sewing a

zigzag stitch round the edge to prevent fraying. The only issue I had was that the pattern gives the material needs for the 16” cushion cover, but not the 18” one. However the pattern pieces sizes are given for each pad size, so they are easily worked out. The whole process took less than 2 hours, was very easy and I love the final result, hope my nephew does too. Somehow I doubt Batman will be the last cushion cover I make!

This pattern can be purchased directly from Lilly*Blossom at:

Sewbox also stock 4 Lilly*Blossom patterns including the Envelope Cushion Cover:

Written by Beth Edmondson


EasyPro Blinds – Roman Blinds Instructions Review

EasyPro Blinds Roman Blinds Instructions


EasyPro Blinds is a UK based business, designed to train and support new blind makers across the world.  They have produced a set of roman blind instructions which can be purchased and downloaded from their website -  Even without any previous experience, this tutorial is designed to show you ‘how to make roman blinds’ with easy to follow steps. This method can be used to upcycle your old curtains to offer a stylish alternative. The tutorial comes in 2 formats – a UK version which is A4 size and uses meters and centimetres; the US version is Letter size and uses feet and inches.


EasyPro Blinds Roman Blinds Instructions Open

After reading through the instructions, I decided to have a go at creating a practise blind with some spare fabric by following this tutorial. I found it to be very logical and easy to follow. The layout of the instructions is very clear, starting with a simple tools and then a materials listing sections. Then follows the step by step instructions for making your own roman blind. The tutorial has a very clear layout with each step numbered and even having a time guide showing you how long it should take, which I found to be rather handy. I found each step easy to follow, with no complicated terminology used, which is rather handy for beginner like myself. I also loved the fact every single step has a photo with it even the ‘simple’ steps, make is very easy to see if you’re going right.

Now I have successfully made a trial blind using this tutorial I plan to make a new blind for my kitchen soon. I’ll ensure that I take photos and add a follow up to this post once I have done so.

EasyPro have a forum on their website which can be a great place to ask for help, support and find more information regarding their products. I had a couple of questions and their communication was great – quick to respond and very helpful.

EasyPro Blinds Roman Blinds Kit


They also provide Roman Blind Making Starter Kits in a variety of sizes, which include everything you need to make roman blinds from home, in one simple tube!



Written By: Beth Edmondson