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Pattern Review – Kalle by Closet Case Patterns

Sewing pattern review

This pattern review has been written by Loopy Mabel’s Closet. Follow her journey towards making a handmade wardrobe over on her YouTube Channel for lots of sewing inspiration Vlogs.

This pattern review has been supported by Modelo Fabrics.


 I do love the Closet Case Patterns. So much so that I have made the Pietra Pants (both styles), Cielo Top, Jenny Pants and my latest sewing project, The Kalle Shirt.

Find a UK stockist for The Kalle Shirt pattern here.

Kalle shirt pattern review

I personally like to use either printed paper patterns or the downloadable PDF versions. Although I can be too impatient at times waiting for patterns to arrive in the post especially when I want to make something there and then. The instructions provided are always very thorough and I do like the step by step format that guides you through the whole process. There are always plenty of images and hints and tips to help and where necessary online tutorials on techniques.


 Lots of Options

So, I chose the Kalle Shirt, because I was drawn to the loose-fitting silhouette and the numerous design features you could choose. There are three length versions, two collar options, two back pleat options and also a choice of button plackets. You definitely get a lot for your money with this sewing pattern.

 I opted for the longer shirt version as I wanted something that was versatile to wear as a duster style shirt over my trousers and also be able to wear with a belt for more of a dress style during the warmer weather.  Again, I opted for the full-length exposed button placket with 9 buttons. This gave me the versatility I needed to be able to wear it open or closed depending what style and look I was going for on that day.

I also love the built-in short sleeves which gave me the added bonus of being able to add layers underneath when its cooler. 

  So, this pattern was also testing my sewing skills, which is always something I like to do. I would class myself as confident intermediate, but still with lots to learn. Always looking to try new styles and strengthen my dressmaking skills, I was keen to dive right in and get sewing. 


Fabric Choice

Sewing with double gauze

 Choosing which fabric to use is always the best part in dressmaking and I was spoilt for choice at Modelo Fabrics!  I definitely wanted a white shirt as my wardrobe is definitely lacking in that area. I like the jeans, white casual shirt look. I was immediately drawn to the Moondust White with Gold Dots Double Gauze fabric and thought this would be perfect for the Kalle Shirt. 

Again, never having worked with this type of fabric I thought this would be another string to my bow! When it arrived, I was so impressed with how soft it was. The tiny gold dots were just so pretty. Just enough glitz without being over the top.

Read our tips on sewing with double gauze fabric.

Find a stockist of the Moondust Double Gauze fabric here.


Sewing pattern using double gauze

 I pre-washed it on a low setting and because of its characteristics, being double gauze, I didn’t need to iron it. Double Gauze fabric is soft, airy and slightly crinkled naturally, so you need to avoid over ironing this fabric so as not to flatten the crinkles too much. It’s 100% cotton and is made from two thin loosely woven layers that are basted together. If you’ve never worked with this fabric before then you are in for a treat.


How to sew pockets

 As it was double gauze I thought it was going to be a bit slippery to handle and sew, but it behaved perfectly throughout. You just need to handle it carefully and overlock the seams to prevent fraying. I also used a walking foot on my machine to help guide the fabric through without any puckering. When adding the pocket, I just ensured I pinned it all the way around to prevent it moving. You can never pin too much!


Sewing pattern reviews

The sizing on Closet Case Patterns are always spot on for me. I always go off the finished garment sizing and I’ve never had any issues so far. I opted for size 12 and found it just right for my body measurements.

Endless Possibilities

Sewing trims

 I love how you can change the styling options on this shirt, which makes it an all-round versatile pattern.  There is also the option to add patch pockets too. So, if you add all the styling options you could make quite a few variations of this shirt.

 I chose the shirt dress length, with the band collar, inverted pleat and the standard placket. This required nine buttons which I was happy to do as modern-day machines make adding buttonholes so easy!  

After rummaging through my Nana’s old button tin I found some vintage off-white buttons to add but I also think gold buttons would have been so pretty. They would have mirrored the gold dots in the fabric beautifully. So, I am on the hunt for nine pretty gold buttons!

Intermediate Sewing Project

Sewing pattern review

 This pattern is classed as intermediate and I would agree that if you are new to dressmaking or a bit rusty, then this may seem a bit daunting. But as I always say, if you don’t try then how will you ever learn.  If you take your time and follow the detailed instructions then you should be fine. After all its only dressmaking and it should be fun!

 Overall, I really enjoyed this sewing pattern and it fits like a dream. The fabric drapes beautifully and is just perfect for this style.  It’s great for wearing with my jeans, or my newly made mustard Jenny Pants. But it’s equally fab with a belt and also with added layers which I love to do with my outfits.

You can find a more detailed review of the pattern on my You Tube channel. 


Thanks for reading and happy sewing!

Jayne – Loopy Mabel’s Closet