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Padded Scissor Case Project

Padded scissor case project

This padded scissor case project makes a case large enough to hold your big sewing scissors making it easy to transport them to groups and classes. Because it’s so well padded the tip of the scissors won’t poke through keeping the other contents of your bag safe from damage.

I found many of the free scissor case patterns were too small for my large Fiskars scissors so I have designed this to cater for big scissors. Before sewing place your scissors on the template to ensure it is large enough, there should be at least an inch clearance all around your scissors. If there is not then trace around the template adding an inch or so all around to make a larger version.  

Supplies needed to sew a scissor case


1 fat quarter of exterior fabric (we used prints from Maureen Cracknell’s Autumn Vibes collection for this project provided by Hantex. Find your local stockists here.)

1 fat quarter of lining fabric

1 fat quarter of Soft and Stable (find a UK stockist here)

9 inch zip

Scissor case template

Cutting instructions

Download the Scissor case template and cut 2 from the lining fabric, 2 from the exterior fabric and 2 from the Soft and Stable.  Before cutting the fabrics fold your fabric in half and cut through both layers at once.  If you are using a directional print like I did the straight edge marked zip will be the top so make sure you position your template correctly.

Cut 2 x 3 inch squares from your exterior fabric for zip tabs.

Seam Allowance – ¼ an inch unless otherwise specified

Step 1

Baste the exterior fabrics to the pieces of Soft and Stable by placing the fabric on top of the Soft and Stable, use Wonder Clips to hold it into place and then stitch around the outside close to the edge (using a 1/8 an inch seam).

How to sew a zipper tab

Step 2

Press in ½ an inch on all sides of the 3 inch squares, pressing the towards the back of the fabric. Fold each square in half lengthways, wrong sides together.

Covering your zip ends in fabric

Sew along both the short sides. Slip the zip tab over the end of the zip, pushing the zip about halfway in. Now sew across the long open edge to attach the tab to the zip. Repeat for the other end of the zip.

Sew a protective scissor case

Step 3

Place 1 piece of lining fabric right sides up, lay the zip along the long straight edge also right side up.  Put your exterior fabric piece on top right sides down, again aligning the top edge and pin or Wonder Clip into place.

Quick projects to sew for sewing swaps

Use a zipper foot to sew along the edge. Open the fabrics, fold them back away from the zip and press into place. Repeat for the other side of the zip with your remaining 2 fabric pieces.

Large scissor case pattern

Step 4

Open your zip.

Place the fabrics so the 2 lining fabrics are on top of each other (right sides together) and the 2 exterior fabrics are on top of each other (right sides together). Clip or pin them into place.

Large padded scissor cosy sewing pattern

Trim any excess zipper tab fabric away.

Free pattern for a scissor case

Sew right around the outside, leaving a 4-5 inch gap in the lining for turning through.

Notch the curves then turn it through. Press it, then it is ready to use, to safely stow your large scissors.


Large scissor case pattern

This project was written by Fiona Pullen from The Sewing Directory.