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This project has been designed by Little Miss Fancy Frocks – the dynamic mother-daughter duo who lovingly create handcrafted clothing for adults and children as well as sharing their skills through dressmaking and craft workshops. Visit their Facebook page here.

Owl Brooch Project

Make a pretty owl brroch

Create this lovely hand made stylised accessory to adorn your outfit. Change the colours to suit the season if you wish!


You will need...

Supplies for making a brooch

1 x 10cm square of brown felt, brown liningmedium iron on interfacing and Bondaweb 

1 tube of gold facet beads 

2 x 6mm gold beads 

3mm peach beads 

Orange seed beads 

1 brooch pin 

Sewing thread 

Owl template 



Preparing fabrics

Iron the interfacing onto the felt and the Bondaweb onto the lining. Transfer the owl design onto the right side of the felt. We outlined the design with a transfer pen and ironed the design onto the felt. 

Stitching bead eyes

Using double thread and starting with a knot on the underside stitch the two large beads in position. Stitch each bead twice. 

Couching beads

Bring your needle onto the surface and thread enough beads onto the thread to form a circle around the eye. Stitching the peach beads in place will be by a method called couching. 

How to couch beads

Couching is used to secure the string of beads by stitching the thread holding the beads onto the background as shown.

Sewing eyebrows with beads

Couch the gold facet beads from the top of the head to the middle of the face. Repeat for the other side. 

Sewing beads for main body

Using the gold facet beads couch them in position around the outer edge of the owl. 

Couching beads

Using the gold facet beads and starting at the bottom of the body couch the inner line on the body. 

Adding beads for eyes

Using the orange seed beads couch around the eyes. 

Sew a beaded brooch

Using the seed beads fill in the top of the head stitching one bead at a time in a random manner. Leave a little space around each bead, this will enable the light to reflect on each bead and avoid distorting the shape. 

Complete the remaining spaces with the orange seed beads. 

Cutting out an owl brooch

 Take the lining square, peel off the Bondaweb backing and iron onto the underside of the beaded owl. Trim carefully around the outline of the owl. 

Adding a brooch back

Stitch the brooch clasp onto the back of the owl stitching carefully through all layers. 

Finished owl brooch

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