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Book Reviews

Book review - Old Quilts, New Life by Sarah Fielke


Old Quilts New Life by Sarah Fielke

Whether you love traditional or modern quilting this book will have something for you.  Sarah has faithfully re-created 9 different quilts from the American Folk Museum in more modern fabrics, giving you step by step instructions to making your own version along with the history of the original quilt and its design.

However, if traditional isn’t for you you’ll be pleased to hear she also creates a new modern pattern inspired by the original design.  There are detailed instructions on cutting, piecing, quilting and binding each quilt along with full size templates in the back of the book.

Quilt designs include log cabin, whole-cloth quilts, a sunburst quilt, applique quilts and an Amish quilt.  I have to admit I'm torn as to which I prefer, the original quilts or Sarah’s modern interpretations.   I’ve collaged images of a few of the quilts below for you to have a look at.

Read an extract from the book, Sarah's Guide to Hand Quilting.

Projects from Old Quilts New Life

Credits: Old Quilts, New Life by Sarah Fielke, published by CICO Books (£14.99)

Photography by Sue Stubbs © CICO Books


Book review - Sew Scandinavian by Kajsa Kinsella


Sew Scandinavian by Kajsa Kinsella

Sew Scandinavian is a sewing project book with 35 sewing projects inspired by the author’s Swedish childhood.  The projects are split into 4 categories – The Home, Accessories, The Nursery and Celebrations.  They includes a few different bags, an apron, cushions, gadget cases, bunting, children’s games, Christmas decorations and more.

The projects are suitable for beginners, there’s a lot of raw edge applique or sewing with felt which makes it easier for those new to sewing.  The skills you’ll learn are hand stitching, some basic embroidery stitches, raw edge applique and a little basic patchwork.  The projects all have step by step instructions plus a photo for each stage to make it easy to follow.

There’s a guide to the stitches you’ll need in the back of the book.  You’ll also find the templates there too, they need increasing by 200% to get them to the right size to use.  Below you’ll find a collage of the projects in the book to give you a taste of what to expect. 

SAMPLE PROJECT - We also have an extract from the book - an Over the Shoulder Bag.

Scandinavian style sewing projects


Credits - Sew Scandinavian by Kajsa Kinsella, published by CICO Books (£12.99)
Photography by Penny Wincer; Step-by-step photography by Kajsa Kinsella © CICO Books 2015